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Life at StGIS

We know that the first and most important thing for parents is that their children will be cared for, safe and happy. This is also the most important thing for us as it is the foundation upon which all education is built.

  • Our students feel secure, safe and confident to explore and grow as individuals, and as members of our school community.
  • Our students feel a great sense of belonging and pride in their school.
  • Our students receive individual care and personal attention from our extensive ‘pastoral web‘, focusing on students’ strengths and physical and psychological wellbeing.
  • Our students are empowered to be the best version of themselves they can be, and supported when this gets challenging.

Pastoral Care

At St. Gilgen International School your child will be supported by a teacher dedicated to supporting the needs of a small group of students. We call these staff members ‘mentor tutors’ and their primary job is to become experts in the subject of their mentees.
These staff will support, guide and encourage students at every step of their educational journey. Mentor Tutor groups are small and have no more than 6 students to a group to allow for personal attention. The groups meet every day to ensure regular contact. The mentor tutor is a primary contact point for teachers and parents in relation to the needs and development of their tutees and under the guidance of the Houseparents will coordinate all support and extension activities.

We take a proactive and positive approach to promoting healthy physical, social, and emotional wellbeing and encourage our students to take care of themselves in each of these elements of life.
We emphasise this approach through our wellbeing class for students from Grade 7-10. These lessons use positive psychology to help students become aware of their strengths, to support positive decision-making and to maximise their health and happiness.
However, we also know that adolescence can be a difficult time, and for these times we have a well developed pastoral web of staff, nurses, and external support agencies we can call on to help should this be necessary.



Boarding at St. Gilgen International School is an opportunity of a lifetime. A boarding school education lasts a lifetime, and we know that our students will be telling their children, and their children’s children stories from their time in boarding for many years after they graduate.
Our boarding community is vibrant, international and fun. We provide a home from home to students from all over the world and offer support to all students to grow to their fullest potential.

“The friendships I made at StGIS are friendships that will last a lifetime. I say this because my friends and I had some rough times and some fantastic times and we are still excited to see each other today as we were on the first day we met.”

We have two lovely boarding houses all close to the main campus; these are the ‘Bachwirt’ for girls, and the ‘Traube’ for boys.

All of our boarding houses were originally hotels and they have been converted sympathetically to provide a high standard of en-suite accommodation in which students share a double or triple room. Our boarding houses are separated by gender and are arranged vertically, so they have a range of ages.



Meal times provide an ideal opportunity for students and staff to enjoy each other’s company. With the approval of a qualified nutritionist, all meals are healthy, varied, and balanced. Breakfast and evening meals are taken in residence for the boarders. Healthy lunches are provided by the best restaurants in the village.

Students enjoy a range of menu options in our unique catering environment using excellent local restaurants. We serve Austrian cuisine as well as international dishes, and all our meals are made from fresh ingredients. Salads, vegetables and fruit are freely available, and vegetarian and any other special diets can be catered for.

Student Leadership


Why StGIS?
Exceeding Expectations, lifelong learning, fascinating freedom

Laurenz Kloss

Grade: 11
Nationality: Austrian
Leadership Role:  Student Head of School


Why StGIS?
Unforgettable memories, exceptional education, eternal friendships.

Sofia Krasnoperova

Grade: 11
Nationality: Russia
Leadership Role: Social Events Prefect


Why StGIS?
Education that inspires and discovers passion

Jelena Milović

Grade: 11
Nationality: Serbia
Leadership Role: Academic Prefect


Why StGIS?
Becomes your family away from home

Noelia Dervishaj

Grade: 11
Nationality: Albania
Leadership Role: Boarding Prefect Bachwirt


Why StGIS?
Education beyond the classroom, international community

Ann-Sophie Latzer

Grade: 11
Nationality: Germany
Leadership Role: Communication Prefect

Why StGIS?
Scenic, Teachers, Goal-oriented, International, Second to none

Léon Orlandianyi

Grade: 11
Nationality: Austrian
Leadership Role: Boarding Prefect Traube


Why StGIS?
Develop, growth, opportunities, experience, community, education 

Cosimo Radler

Grade: 11
Nationality: Austrian
Leadership Role: CAS Prefect








St. Gilgen International School, Ischlerstraße 13
    - Reception & Administration
    - Mathematics, Sciences
    - Humanities, Languages, Art
    - Cafeteria & Library
    - Primary School & School Nurse
Department of Drama: Kino, Sonnenburggasse 1
Dept. of Music: House Ratz, Lienbachweg 3-8
Dept. of Art: Art Garage, Schwarzenbrunnerstr. 5
Boathouse, Lienbachweg 3-8

House Bachwirt, Steinklüftstraße 5
House Traube, Aberseestraße 4
House Kendler, Brunnleitweg 1

Hotel Gasthof zur Post, Mozartpl. 8
Wirt am Gries, Steinklüftstraße 6
M-Place, Ischlerstraße 18