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StGIS Inspiring People - Volume 12 / Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Evolutionary Design – How to make a city liveable


We are pleased to invite you to the twelfth, St. Gilgen International School, Inspiring People Evening on Thursday, 4th October at 19h30. 

‘StGIS Inspiring People = Inspiring people, inspiring people’

An education is not an education if it fails to prepare young people for the future. At St. Gilgen International School, we prepare our students for life, not only by teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic, but by helping them find their individual ‘path of excellence’. The path of excellence is a path that seeks growth; it is a path that interacts creatively and imaginatively with the world; it is a path that engages completely and courageously, yet responsibly and sustainably; it is a path that is ambitious and adventure seeking; it is a path of compassion, and of care for self, others and our world. 

Our inspiring speaker is somebody who has embodies this 'path of excellence' and also somebody with a vision for the future that we can all share in.

Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher is a biologist and evolutionary psychologist. Her research focuses on human behavior and cognition. In the past years Dr. Oberzaucher has specialized in the following core themes, within interdisciplinary projects:

  • human-environment-interactions
  • mate choice and attractiveness
  • communication and social interaction

In 2016 Dr. Oberzaucher joined the faculty of the University of Ulm as a professor of diversity, adaptability and equality. Since 2015 she is the scientific director of the research institute Urban Human.
From 2012 to 2017 Dr. Oberzaucher served as the editor in chief of the Human Ethology Bulletin, a peer-reviewed, free, open access journal hosted by the International Society for Human Ethology. In 2017 she was elected as Vice-president of the International Society for Human Ethology.
She has been teaching courses at the University of Vienna, plus ad hoc teaching assignments at other institutions since 2001. She regularly gives talks at academic and non-academic events. In 2015 she was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize in Mathematics and in 2016, Dr. Oberzaucher joined the cast of the Science Busters.

In Spring 2017, her book “Homo urbanus – Ein evolutionsbiologischer Blick in die Zukunft der Städte” was published by Springer, shortlisted as science book of the year.

In her presentation, Dr. Oberzaucher will talk about "Evolutionary Design – How to make a city livable".
Vienna was ranked first in several livability indexes. An evolutionary view of the city tells us why: Human preferences and behaviour tendencies are met exceptionally well: The availability and design of public space, the presence of plants and water, and neighbourhood structures, are as close to our solved preferences as possible in a city. This talk will highlight core points of evolutionary design that lead to a measurable improvement of technology and built structures.
Our inspiring evening will begin at 19h00 in the Mozarthaus St. Gilgen and conclude around 21h00. We expect high demand for this fantastic opportunity, so please book your seats early.

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