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StGIS Inspiring People - Volume 5 / Jordan Hattar

"Voices of Syria" - Stories of personal courage, resistance and heroism


Dear School Community, we are pleased to invite you to the fourth, St. Gilgen International School, Inspiring People Evening on the Monday the 19th of June at 19h00.

‘StGIS Inspiring People = Inspiring people, inspiring people’

An education is not an education if it fails to prepare young people for the future. At St. Gilgen International School, we prepare our students for life, not only by teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic, but by helping them find their individual ‘path of excellence’. The path of excellence is a path that seeks growth; it is a path that interacts creatively and imaginatively with the world; it is a path that engages completely and courageously, yet responsibly and sustainably; it is a path that is ambitious and adventure seeking; it is a path of compassion, and of care for self, others and our world. 

Our next inspiring speaker is somebody who has embodies this 'path of excellence' and also somebody with a vision for the future that we can all share in.

Jordan Hattar is an American humanitarian activist, academic, freelance journalist, public speaker and director of the charity Help4Refugees. His pioneering work focuses on raising awareness of the plight of Syrian refugees. While only a university student, Jordan has reported on BBC World Radio, BBC World News TV, and Los Angeles public radio. In July of 2013, Mr Hattar started delivering prefabricated housing units to the Zaatari Refugee Camp to improve the living conditions of its 80,000 residents. To gain a greater understanding of the issues faced by Syrian refugees, Mr Hattar journeyed to the Al Zaatari camp three or four times a week. This camp was the fourth largest city in Jordan. During his talk Mr Hattar will share his observations of the Syrian refugee crisis, testimonials from the residents that were forced to make a refugee camp their home and his vision for the future.

Our inspiring evening will begin at 19h00 in the St. Gilgen Kino and conclude around 21h00. We expect high demand for this fantastic opportunity, so please book your seats early

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