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StGIS Inspiring People - Volume 8 / Florian Orley

Limit Pusher and Risk Manager


We are pleased to invite you to the eighth, St. Gilgen International School, Inspiring People Evening on the Thursday the 16th of November at 19h00.

‘StGIS Inspiring People = Inspiring people, inspiring people’

An education is not an education if it fails to prepare young people for the future. At St. Gilgen International School, we prepare our students for life, not only by teaching them reading, writing and arithmetic, but by helping them find their individual ‘path of excellence’. The path of excellence is a path that seeks growth; it is a path that interacts creatively and imaginatively with the world; it is a path that engages completely and courageously, yet responsibly and sustainably; it is a path that is ambitious and adventure seeking; it is a path of compassion, and of care for self, others and our world. 

Our inspiring speaker is somebody who has embodies this 'path of excellence' and also somebody with a vision for the future that we can all share in.

Florian Orley is a living legend within the world of freeride sowboarding and outdoor extreme sports. The charismatic multiple freeride world tour event winner and two-time vize world champion has been starring in countless freeride film projects around the world. He can also be found surfing big waves as well as filming acrobatic hanggliding and basejumping at the walls and mountains near his hometown Innsbruck. He crossed the south pacific on a 35 ft sailing catamaran, acted as a stuntman for hollywood productions and is a proud husband and father of 2 kids born 2011 and 2012.
As a lifestyle icon for a whole generation he is managing a life balanced between two worlds:
On one side he lives in the the coporate marketing world, his masters degree in sports management helping him to advice his sponsorpartners.
On the other side his follows his urge for the extreme in his sports, where he has become an expert in risk management.
In st.gilgen he will talk about the passion that still drives him after 17 years as professional athlete, and how a perfect risk managment is a matter of survival in the outdoor sports he performs.

Our inspiring evening will begin at 19h00 in the St. Gilgen Kino and conclude around 21h00. We expect high demand for this fantastic opportunity, so please book your seats early

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