Primary Phase

At St. Gilgen International School we offer a three year primary programme that starts in Grade 4 (age 9) and continues through to Grade 6 (age 12), in preparation for the middle phase. This is the perfect transition into an international education. We are happy to accept students into Grade 4, 5 or 6.

  • For those coming from the United Kingdom, please note that our Grade 4 is equivalent to the UK Year 5.
  • For those coming from the Austrian or German system, please note that the ideal time to transition is following Volksschule. Particularly if you wish to give your child the opportunity to study in some of the best English speaking universities. There is no prerequisite ability for English language at this entry point and our primary school teachers are specialists in developing skill and confidence in English.

"The small class sizes in our primary ensure that students are given a very high level of personalised care and attention."

The aim of the primary phase is to provide a caring and adventurous immersion into international education and to lay the foundation of curiosity and inquiry that ensure students succeed in their learning. The small class sizes in our primary ensure that students are given a very high level of personalised care and attention. The learning atmosphere in primary at St. Gilgen International School is friendly and purposeful. Teachers are encouraging, and support our students to explore the world around them.

The primary phase requires students to study seven subject groups taught in each primary grade:

  1. English Language
  2. German as a First or Second Language
  3. World Studies
  4. Science
  5. Mathematics
  6. Art and Music
  7. Movement and Wellbeing

Students are taught in high quality, student-centred classrooms in a spacious, light and welcoming primary building. Classes also have access to the specialist science facilities in the middle school. Additionally, and importantly, our primary students learn early that exploration is a key component of learning and take many trips and adventures along with their teachers.

Trial Days

If you can imagine your child learning here, the best way to find out more is to arrange a trial day. We can arrange a trial day for your child on most school days, however, the best time to come is to join us for our Primary Open Days when we invite a whole class to come and try St. Gilgen International School.

The next Primary Open Days will be held in Thursday 15th and Friday 16th March 2018, with the topic:
Chocolate - The overarching aim of the two days is to investigate materials and their properties focusing on chocolate.  Children will be looking at reversible and irreversible changes and making their very own chocolate creations.  In addition, children will be designing and creating their own packaging for a chocolate bar. 

"Our primary students learn early that exploration is a key component of learning."

The format for the trial will be as follows

First Day: 

08h00 - 09h45: First Learning Session - (students)/ Tour of the School (parents)
09h00: Parents Q&A Session with Parents Association
10h00: Break Time (students)/ School presentation (parents) 
10h30: Second Learning Session
12h10: Lunch (Wirt am Gries)
13h10: Third Learning Session
16h00: Home Time (or school bus to Salzburg)

Second Day: 

08h00: Designing and Creating session
10h00: Break Time
10h30: Preparation for Exhibition and Parent Presentations
11h25: Parent Presentations and chocolate tasting activity
12h20: Lunch (Wirt am Gries), Parent Meetings with the Head of School
13h15: Meetings by Appointments with Deputy Head (optional)