Primary Trial Days

In preparation for the middle phase, we offer a three year primary programme at St. Gilgen International School that starts in Grade 4 (age 9) and continues through to Grade 6 (age 12). This provides the perfect transition into an international education. 

If you can imagine your child learning here, the best way to find out more is to arrange a trial day. We can arrange this for your child on most school days, but the best time is to join us for our Primary Open Days when we invite a whole class to come and experience St. Gilgen International School.

Trial Day Schedule

First Day: 

08h00 – 09h45: First Learning Session – (students)/ Tour of the School (parents) 09h00: Parents Q&A Session with Parents Association 10h00: Break Time (students) / School presentation (parents) 10h30: Second Learning Session 12h10: Lunch (Wirt am Gries) 13h10: Third Learning Session 16h00: Home Time (or school bus to Salzburg)
Second Day:
08h00 – Fourth Learning Session 10h00 – Break Time 10h30 – Fifth Learning Session 12h10 – Lunch (Wirt am Gries) 13h10 – Preparation for Exhibition and Parent Presentations 14h00 – Parent Presentations

Our primary students learn early that exploration is a key component of learning.