Admissions Process​

Strength through diversity.
We ensure high academic standards and a vibrant international community through the careful selection of motivated and talented students. We admit suitably qualified students of either gender and welcome students of all races, nationalities and ethnic origins.

Admissions Requirements. At StGIS, our admissions criteria encompass:

  • Commitment to our mission and values.
  • Potential to benefit from our educational programme.
  • Our ability to meet the applicant’s educational needs.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Personality and motivation to excel, share experiences, and talents.
  • Adherence to school policies, teachers’ guidance, and Austrian law.
  • Fulfillment of financial and medical requirements.

While the ideal entry point is the start of the academic year, we have a rolling admission policy allowing enrollment throughout the year.

Applicants are typically placed in their age-appropriate grade, with exceptions made at the school’s discretion. Beginners in English, particularly in primary or middle phases, receive intensive ESL support alongside their academic subjects. However, Grade 10 and above applicants should have proficient English skills.

We welcome students of all races, nationalities and ethnic origins.


Open Days

Our Open Day allow visitors to meet the people who make our school so special. Guided tours of the school will be available, allowing you to experience first hand.

Arrange a school tour

A wide range of activities will show, demonstrating our strong links with the local community and our underlying international outlook and service ethos.

Please drop by. 

Please feel free to schedule a visit to our campus. We would be delighted to welcome you, give you a guided tour of our facilities and share a small insight into life and learning at our beautiful school. 


Where such a visit is genuinely impossible due to geographical location or other factors then alternative arrangements may be made, but a visit to the school is to the benefit of all parties and remains our strong preference.

Living and learning locally - thinking globally.

Making an application

Stage 1

Written application

Please submit the following:

  • completed application form
  • school Reports / official school transcripts from the last three years (translated into English if required and certified as a correct translation)
  • a copy of the student’s passport
  • motivation letter
  • letter of recommendation from the applicant’s current school
  • recommendation form from the applicant’s current school
  • copies of certificates of achievement in music, theatre, art, sports, outdoor education, leadership, service/charity work, etc.
  • Payment of the €270 application fee 

Stage 2

Arrange a visit

Trial Day.
If you can imagine your child learning here, the best way to find out more is to arrange a trial day. We welcome prospective students and parents to join us to experience what life is like at St. Gilgen International School. A trial day consists of the following elements:

  • an interview with the Head of School
  • a tour of the school
  • placement testing for English language and Mathematics
  • attending a range of classes
  • participating in an afternoon of activities
  • staying overnight in the boarding house (for boarding students only)


Primary Trial Days

We can arrange a trial day for your child on most school days, but the best time to join us is for our Primary Open Days when we invite a whole class to come and experience St. Gilgen International School.

Stage 3

Contractual documents

Tuition fee invoices will be issued at a time commensurate with the agreed start date. Tuition fees must be paid before the student begins. 

You will need to be in possession of the following documents:

  • signed contract supplied by the school and Power of Attorney
  • proof that the fees are paid
  • copy of a valid health insurance policy in Austria
  • valid passport
  • birth certificate (translated into either English or German)
  • photographs according to EU guidelines
  • Admissions and Fee Policy Information

Admissions and Fee Policy Information. Parents can obtain a copy of our admissions and fee policy upon request or after submitting a completed application.

Additional Information. All application documents must be in English, the school’s language of instruction. Applications made through an independent educational agency must be formally declared at the initial application stage. Agency linkages claimed later by either the applicant’s parents or the agency will not be recognized.

Visa Requirements. Parents of students without an EU passport must arrange an educational visa through their nearest Austrian Embassy. This process can take up to 3 months, varying by nationality.

Further Information. For any additional queries about the application process, please contact

Fee Schedule 2024/2025

Application Fee: €270 
Enrolment Fee: €2,500
Deposit (refundable): €10,000 (Boarding student), €5,000 (Day student)

Boarding Students – Annual Fees:

Boarding Student (Grade 7, 8): € 63,400 
Boarding Student (Grade 9, 10): € 69,550 
Boarding Student (Grade 11, 12): € 71,150

Day Students – Annual Fees:

Day Student (Grade 4, 5): € 30,850
Day Student (Grade 6): € 33,200
Day Student (Grade 7, 8): € 39,350
Day Student (Grade 9, 10): € 45,300
Day Student (Grade 11, 12): € 47,200

Fees cover academic tuition, curriculum and enrichment trips and activities. For day students this includes school lunches and for boarding students this includes accommodation and all other meals. Please note there are a small number of additional costs including uniform, a laptop, Salzburg bus shuttle, examination fees and appropriate graduation fees.


Show us your best.

St. Gilgen International School offers a generous scholarship program for exceptional students. Applicants are required to submit their last three academic reports and a motivation letter to the Head of School. This letter, no longer than two sides of A4, should highlight their skills, talents, achievements, and reasons for deserving a scholarship. We favorably view proven excellence in arts, music, theater, sports, outdoor adventure, leadership, and service/charity work. Scholarships are reviewed annually.

Parents must indicate their financial contribution ability during their child’s education at our school. Please note, full scholarships are reserved for the most outstanding applicants, with most scholarships being partial. Scholarships are awarded upon entry and applications should be submitted by mid-March for the upcoming academic year.

Scholarship Fund

Unlock a World of Opportunities. At St. Gilgen International School, we believe in nurturing young minds to become global citizens, and we know that the pursuit of excellence in education knows no bounds. To empower our students to reach their fullest potential, we have established the Scholarship Fund.

The Path of Excellence. In the serene setting of StGIS, we draw inspiration from the very essence of excellence. Our school, located amidst the stunning landscapes of the Wolfgangsee, resonates with a profound commitment to world-class education and a shared responsibility for the global community.

Your Support, Their Future

By contributing to the Scholarship Fund, you are investing in the future of bright, ambitious, and motivated young minds. Your generosity can make a life-changing difference in the life of a student. Here’s how your support can impact their journey:


Access to Excellence

Your donation directly supports students who may not have had the chance to experience the enriching environment of StGIS.

Global Leaders in the Making

Your support nurtures the next generation of global citizens who are equipped to tackle the world’s challenges with knowledge, integrity, and compassion.

Legacy Lives On

You become a part of the timeless legacy of excellence, ensuring that its spirit continues to thrive in the heart of our school.

Give the Gift of Education

Your donation to the St. Gilgen International School Scholarship Fund is more than just a financial contribution. It is an investment in a brighter future for students who will carry the torch of excellence and continue the legacy of our school. Help us unlock a world of opportunities for our students. Donate today and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Together, we can make education accessible, empower the leaders of tomorrow, and continue the legacy of St. Gilgen International School.

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