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At St. Gilgen International School in Austria, we provide a world-class education in an extraordinary natural environment. With a breathtaking Alpine backdrop, the magical lakeside town of St. Gilgen offers charming local traditions, a secure community and an outdoor sports paradise. Combined with the latest teaching methodologies and an inviting international community, this ideal learning environment is perfectly designed to ensure each student thrives. Welcome to the path of excellence. Welcome to St. Gilgen International School.

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Excellence in

Reach your potential.

Excellence in Education at St. Gilgen International School means nurturing lifelong learning and personalized education. We foster each student’s unique talents and develop essential knowledge, skills, and personal attributes for success. Our focus on strengths and curiosity drives our students towards excellence, equipping them with a roadmap for their future. Offering the globally recognized International Baccalaureate (IB) program, our experienced teachers employ contemporary teaching methods to ensure students are well-prepared for life’s next steps.

Excellence in Activities

Seize the day.

Excellence in Activities at StGIS extends beyond academics, embracing perseverance, determination, and passion. We offer a diverse range of activities, including cultural trips, sports, outdoor expeditions, clubs, and music programs, tailored to challenge and develop our students. With a wide array of extra-curricular options, every learner can explore and discover their passions and talents without limits, under proper guidance and support. Our goal is to build confidence, promote a healthy lifestyle, and provide an education that goes above and beyond, supporting our mission at StGIS.

Excellence in

Nurture your greatness.

Excellence in Care at our school means prioritizing student safety, happiness, and well-being above all. With the trust of parents, we take our responsibility seriously, offering a comprehensive ‘pastoral web’ of support. This includes mentors, tutors, nurses, and staff, all dedicated to ensuring each student flourishes. In our safe, charming village, our pastoral and boarding teams provide a balanced environment of appropriate boundaries and freedom for growth. We’re committed to creating a welcoming, caring, and structured environment, ideal for personal development, making students always feel at home.

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A letter from the Head of School

Martina Moetz

Head of School

Dear parents,

I’m privileged to lead your children’s education at our unique and inspiring school, founded in 2008. We employ modern, progressive educational methods, accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation. Our school, authorized to teach the IB Middle Years Programme since 2022 and the Diploma Programme since 2010, offers a curriculum aimed at changing lives and the world. Your child’s IB Diploma is globally recognized and esteemed at top universities.

We emphasize hard work and challenging students beyond their perceived limits, supported by our outstanding teachers. We nurture curiosity, a love for learning, and provide individualized attention in small classes. Our diverse opportunities in outdoor activities, sports, arts, and leadership ensure well-rounded character development.

I believe in educating both intellect and emotion, preparing our young people for life’s challenges. We aspire for our students to be happy, healthy, caring, and responsible, making wise life choices.

You’re welcome to visit our campus for a guided tour of our facilities and a glimpse into life at our school.

Kind regards,
Martina Moetz

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August 16th 2023
Class of 2023 IBDP Results
October 10th 2022
StGIS Public Value Study

A Public Value Study

What Makes StGIS Valuable for the Region?

The education sector is pivotal in tackling societal challenges like digitalization and climate change, yet it’s evolving, notably due to increasing privatization. This shift raises questions about equal opportunities, as access to private education often depends on parental income and academic backgrounds. However, private schools are also tasked with demonstrating their societal contributions to maintain their operational license. StGIS embraces this challenge, focusing our research on a critical question: What makes StGIS valuable for the region?

"The results of the study show that StGIS is valuable for the region"