Homecoming Weekend 2022



Homecoming Weekend 2022



Connecting with the StGIS Community

Words of welcome by School and Foundation

We are extraordinarily excited to welcome you to our first Homecoming Weekend from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th June 2022. This iconic weekend gives you the possibility to connect with Students, Alumni, Parents, Staff, Founders and Friends of our exceptional community at various unique events. We are delighted to welcome you and look forward to spending an unforgettable weekend together!

For registration, please click the button below or scroll to the bottom of this page. We would appreciate if you could register latest by end of Mai 2022. Some events have limited space for participants, therefore we follow the 'first come first serve' principal.

Homecoming Weekend Events

Friday, 24th June 2022

Outdoor Adventure Alms: Alumni Hike

Embark on an adventure around the foothills of St. Gilgen as you reconnect with the iconic environment and other inspiring members of StGIS.

Host: Alumni Association
Place: StGIS Boat House
Dress code: Hiking gear (Hiking shoes / sports shoes, rain jacket, sun block, water, lunch, small backpack / bag)
Contact person: Jack Chatterton (jack.chatterton@stgisaa.at)
09h00 - 14h00

Lakeside Barbecue

We will meet for a relaxed BBQ on the shores of the beautiful Wolfgangsee lakeside in St. Gilgen, including our house band, and open mic! Bring your sheet music and stories from your past and present!

Host: Foundation & Alumni Association
Place: Restaurant Brunnwind
(Address: Mondseestraße 12, 5340 St. Gilgen)
18h00: Doors and bar open
19h00: Welcome speeches
19h30: Grill Opens
21h09 Sunset
23h00: Unofficial end
Dress code: Casual
Contact person: Christian Dreyer (foundation@stgis.at), Manuel Hückel and Kami Krista (info@stgisaa.at)
18h00 - Open End

Olympic 3 vs 3 Basketball Tournament

An opportunity to try the new Olympic sport: 3 vs 3 basketball. 10 minute, ½ court games, no experience required. Dust off your trainers and come and join us for some friendly competition. 

Host: School
Place: StGIS Courtyard
Dress code: Sports kit and trainers
Contact person: Liz Riley (e.riley@stgis.at)
15h00 - 17h00

Saturday, 25th June 2022

Lakeside Golf Tournament

A sociable get together for everybody who is interested in golf. In teams of two, a so-called "texas scramble competition“ will be staged at the beautiful Golfclub Am Mondsee. As one of the Leading Golf Courses in Austria this location guarantees an easygoing atmosphere for all players throughout the day. As a special highlight, players have the chance to win the Porsche Taycan with a hole-in-one shot on a par 3.  

Host: Foundation
Place: Golfclub Am Mondsee
(Address: Sankt Lorenz 400, 5310 Mondsee)
Registration fee: Golf & Gala Night
Regular: 250 EUR
Alumni: 120 EUR
Dress code: Casual golf outfit
Contact person: Angelika Hückel and Ria Stallinger (lakeside.golf@stgis.at)
10h00 - 15h00


This will be slightly different to the DARE that you may have experienced at StGIS in the past, but we promise that it will not disappoint for shortage of adrenaline, fun and competitive team spirit (teams of 4 members).

Host: School
Place: StGIS Campus Courtyard
Dress code: Running gear plus swim suit
Contact person: Mike Söldner (m.soeldner@stgis.at)
10h00 - 14h00

Wine Tasting

View Art whilst sampling some lovely wine available for purchase. Please come and enjoy some local wine tasting, finger food and excellent Art work.

Host: Parent Association
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: Cosima Lensing (pa.chair@stgis.at)
14h00 - 16h00

Partner Lakeside Golf Tournament & Gala Night

The StGIS Educational Experience

The Educational Experience offers participants a gallery of Excellence in Education as they engage with artefacts highlighting the unique and inspiring education at StGIS.

Host: School
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: John Patton (j.patton@stgis.at)
09h00 - 16h00


Breakfast of coffee, cake, fruit and sandwiches will be provided by the Parent Association.

Host: Parent Association
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: Meredith Durrant (pa.chair@stgis.at)
09h00 - 10h00

Art Exhibition

A fabulous exhibition of Student and Alumni work from Visual Arts and Design alongside images of past Art and Design trips and events. 

Host: School
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: Kirsty Lamont (k.lamont@stgis.at)
14h00 - 16h00

StGIS Gala Night

The first-ever gala night promises to be a glamorous evening and sociable gathering of the entire StGIS family, from alumni to parents and teachers. Enjoy a relaxed get-together with aperitifs and finger food in the impressive courtyard of the castle, followed by a three course dinner and dessert in the festive ballroom of Schloss Mondsee! Our guests will be entertained throughout the evening with live speeches and special guests. The champions of the Lakeside Golf Tournament will be honored.

Host: Foundation
Place: Schlosshotel Mondsee
(Address: Schlosshof 1a, 5310 Mondsee)
Registration fee:
Regular: 170 EUR
Alumni: 70 EUR
(Sorry, current students are not allowed)
Dress code: Evening dress/black tie
Contact person: Angelika Hückel and Ria Stallinger (galanight@stgis.at)
18h00 - 02h00

Sunday, 26th June 2022


For those of you unable to make Saturday afternoon, on Sunday morning the fabulous Art will once again be displayed by the students with coffee and cake provided by the Parent Association.

Host: Parent Association
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: Michelle McDonald (pa.chair@stgis.at)
10h00 - 12h00

The StGIS Educational Experience

A Gallery of Artefacts representing Excellence in Education.

Host: School
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: John Patton (j.patton@stgis.at)
10h00 - 12h00

Art Exhibition

An exhibition with Art work from current Students and Alumni.

Host: School
Place: StGIS Soft Space
Contact person: Kirsty Lamont (k.lamont@stgis.at)
10h00 - 12h00
For registration, please see below. We would appreciate if you could register latest by end of Mai 2022. Some events have limited space for participants, therefore we follow the 'first come first serve' principal.

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Lakeside Golf Tournament

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Lakeside Golf Tournament

Be Ready
Students, supported by parents, should be ready to engage with distance learning at short notice; this means ensuring basics such as:

  1. Guaranteed access to a computer and charger; and the internet
  2. Knowledge and ability to log-on to key platforms; as a minimum, username and passwords for Managebac and Office 365


This will be used as the go-to platform for the following:

  1. Task / assignment setting for all classes
  2. Message functionality for communications

Office 365
Office 365 will also be a useful resource; Email, Groups, file sharing, OneNote, Microsoft Teams etc.

Routines and Timing
We will aim to maintain normal routines; students should get up for school as normal, check and work on assignments during scheduled class time, maintain homework schedules etc. It is recognized that for some, in different time-zones, this might mean
accessing classes and learning out of synchronization with StGIS school day timings. Students should try to budget assigned work to match either class time or homework time but not both; knowing when to stop and say enough will also be important.

Communication will be key. Ongoing exchange of information and discussion (between class teachers and students) is important; aim to check-in daily and send messages / questions / information about learning in good time. Students should be ready and willing to join online meetings etc. if requested and available; these might include screencasts or video group chats (Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.).
This ongoing dialogue and interaction will support students with academic honesty and help ensure they complete assignments with integrity; students (and parents) will be responsible for maintaining the highest standards of academic integrity during this period.

Everyone here is a learner: staff and students have different roles but a common interest.

Other Important Points

IB Diploma Programme (DP) Students
IB Diploma students, particularly Grade 12s, should be especially focused on ensuring that the distance learning plans in place are followed very carefully. In addition to contact with class teachers and Mentor Tutors, DP students should also stay in touch with the Diploma Programme Coordinator updates (for example related to Exams / Assessments / University Applications etc.). Further information directly from the IB can be found here.

Tech / IT Support
You should contact (via email) Mr. Nelson (s.nelson@stgis.at) should you need any IT support during this time; he will then direct your request as appropriate. You can also call the school office as normal and leave a message for follow-up; the aim will be to keep this staffed as far as possible (getting support NOW before any possible closure would be recommended).

Library Support

There will be Library support for students who do not have English speakers at home; for example through a Book Chat with the library team to use spoken English. This might be Skyped English conversations or use of Microsoft Teams. Using social media groups already in place (e.g. Parents’ Association Facebook Groups) will make it possible to communicate the online reading options to students. The library share resources each week in the 7-days bulletin.

Parents can and should support the distance learning process by checking for tasks / updates on Managebac, as well as helping students to manage their learning routines and spaces to allow for the flow of learning to continue (all parents have been given immediate access to the Managebac Portal). Parents should aim to have discussions with their children about the lessons they are completing, as well as encouraging their child to contact friends and classmates. Parents should contact teachers via email with any questions.

Updates and News
The Senior Leadership Team will aim to keep all updated and informed as far as is reasonably possible, and we will look to keep the weekly 7-days Bulletin going during any period of closure. Thus, people’s stories and adventures from their distance learning experiences will be welcomed and celebrated.

Mentor Tutors
Mentor Tutors will aim to be in touch with their mentees 2-3 times each week, to get an update on learning, and understand and support with any issues or challenges that might be occurring; students and parents should contribute to this conversation.

We must all remain mindful of our well-being during a period of distance learning; schedule and plan time away from screens, and as far as possible aim for fresh air and exercise on a daily basis.