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At St. Gilgen International School in Austria, we provide a world-class education in an extraordinary natural environment. With a breathtaking Alpine backdrop, the magical lakeside town of St. Gilgen offers charming local traditions, a secure community and an outdoor sports paradise. Combined with the latest teaching methodologies and an inviting international community, this ideal learning environment is perfectly designed to ensure each student thrives. Welcome to the path of excellence. Welcome to St. Gilgen International School.

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Excellence in

Reach your potential.

At St Gilgen International School, Excellence in Education means celebrating that learning is part of everyday life and lasts a lifetime. In order to unlock a love of learning, we develop every individual student’s talents with a personalized education – both within and beyond the walls of the classroom. This ensures our students acquire the powerful knowledge, skills and personal attributes they need to thrive. By focusing on their strengths and on sparking a relentless curiosity inside them, we ignite drive within our students and empower them with a roadmap to success. Offering the world-class International Baccalaureate (IB), our experienced teachers implement modern teaching methodologies to perfectly prepare every student for their next steps in the world.

Excellence in Activities

Seize the day.

We go far beyond academics when it comes to developing our students. Excellence is built on perseverance, determination and passion and we offer a wide spectrum of activities designed to help build these traits. Cultural trips, sports, outdoor expeditions, clubs and music programmes are all designed to stretch and challenge students in new ways. As each student has different interests, the wide variety of extra-curricular activities ensure that each learner can discover and explore without limitation, finding their passions and talents with the proper guidance and support. Our goal at StGIS is to help our students build confidence and embrace a healthy lifestyle, and these opportunities support our mission to provide an education that’s above and beyond.

Excellence in

Nurture your greatness.

Our first priority is always that every student is safe, happy and cared for. Trust is placed in us by parents who are far away and nothing is more important to us than this responsibility and commitment. Our ‘pastoral web’ of interconnected support is designed to ensure that every student flourishes and includes mentors, tutors, peers, nurses and other staff members. In the safe setting of our charming village, these dedicated pastoral and boarding teams ensure that every student is set appropriate boundaries but also the freedom to grow and explore. In this way, we offer the ideal conditions for personal development by creating welcoming, caring and structured environments to ensure our students always feel at home.

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A letter from the Head of School

Martina Moetz

Head of School

Dear parents,

I am honoured to be entrusted with the education of your children at this most magical and inspiring educational institution. We are a relatively young school, founded in 2008, and our curriculum is based on the most modern and progressive educational methods, and accredited by the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation. The school received authorization by the IBO to teach the Middle Years Programme (MYP) in January 2022 and has been delivering the Diploma Programme (DP) since 2010. This world-class curriculum has the genuine ambition of changing lives and the world we live in. Your child’s IB Diploma is internationally recognised and respected at leading universities and colleges around the world.

On our path of excellence, we believe in hard work and challenging our students to go beyond what they thought was possible. Our outstanding teacher support individual hopes, dreams and aspirations both inside and outside the classroom. We foster curiosity and a love of learning. Our small classes ensure that each child receives the individual attention they need, whilst our unparalleled opportunities for outdoor adventure, sports, the arts and leadership development, ensure our students develop the interpersonal character and traits that will support their future success.

My personal belief is that we need to educate both heads and hearts, in order to send our young people out into the world, properly prepared for the challenges of life. As parents, we all want our children to be happy, healthy, caring, responsible, well-educated and equipped to make good life choices.

Please feel free to schedule a visit to our campus. We would be delighted to welcome you, take you on a guided tour of our state-of-the-art facilities and share a small insight into life and learning at our beautiful school.

Kind regards,
Martina Moetz

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August 16th 2023
Class of 2023 IBDP Results
October 10th 2022
StGIS Public Value Study

A Public Value Study

What Makes StGIS Valuable for the Region?

The education sector has a key role to play in addressing societal challenges such as digitalization or climate change. But it, too, is changing, especially due to ongoing privatization. Since the income and academic background of parents determine whether a child can attend a private school or not, there has long been intense debate about whether the privatization of education endangers equal opportunities in society. At the same time, private schools must earn their license to operate by proving that they contribute to societal needs. With this study, StGIS has taken up the challenge. Consequently, the research question is as follows: What makes StGIS valuable for the region?

"The results of the study show that
StGIS is valuable for the region"