Outdoor Activities and Language Camp

Welcome to paradise.
Located near Salzburg in Austria, St. Gilgen International School sits in an idyllic position on the banks of the breathtaking Wolfgangsee in the lakeside town of St. Gilgen.

Discover Austria this summer.
In July and August 2021, St. Gilgen International School is offering an exceptional Summer Camp experience open to children aged between 10 and 15 from around the world. The programmes will combine language instruction, in either English or German, with Austrian culture, and outdoor adventure from 10th July to 24th July and from 25th July to 8th August. 

Walk your work, talk your talk.
We accept all language abilities, from beginners to advanced, and are pleased to be able to offer this language learning in one of the most beautiful locations in Austria. Each two-week programme provides an exciting combination of academic and extracurricular activities embodying our school values and designed to grow the whole person.

Develop independence
The Summer Camp is also an ideal introduction to the many facets of boarding school life. In fact, many of those children who participate in Summer Camp will join St. Gilgen International School in the future.

Strap yourself in. This two-week programme provides an exciting combination of language learning and adventurous outdoor activities.

Application Information 

Date: Camp I: 10th July to 24th July 2021 or
           Camp II: 25th July to 8th August 2021

Fees: 3.600 EUR for two weeks
Sign-upPlease complete and return your application form as soon as possible – number of places are limited.

Golf and Language Camp

In July and August 2021, St Gilgen International School is offering the opportunity to improve both your language and golf skills at our exceptional Golf & Language Camp. The camp is located in the beautiful village of St Gilgen in the Salzkammergut and is surrounded by mountains and lakes. The programme will combine language instruction, in either English or German, with golf coaching.

Get swinging with top golf training.
The golf programme is developed for all levels, from beginners to advanced golfers. The more advanced player can work towards improving their handicap, and beginners towards earning their Austrian Golf License (Platzreife). Training is undertaken in small groups with professional coaches to allow campers to benefit the most from their training sessions.

Flourish in the right conditions. 
The camp provides 9 days of training with 4 hours per day, in addition to a tournament on the final day. Campers train with technical equipment like the Trackman or Sam PuttLab. In the case of bad weather, we will use an indoor training area in Bad Ischl which offers the perfect wet weather training location. 

Speak out in English or German.
Summer Camp participants will attend 3 hours of classes per day of focused language tuition in either English or German (a total of 15 hours per week). The courses are designed for each student’s level and take place within a fun and active classroom environment. 

Find your voice.
Learning a new language will open a window into intercultural understanding and help develop critical thinking skills. Students will also have the opportunity to apply their learned language in real world situations. This will be a truly fun way to explore a new language and Austria at the same time!

Language that helps you level up. 
The language lessons will be delivered by highly skilled instructors, with an emphasis on communication and conversational skills. We offer English and German lessons from beginner (A1 and A2 level) to intermediate (B1 and B2 level). The courses will be concluded with an official language certificate.

Pencil in the experience of a lifetime.
The language courses and activities at the Golf and Language Camp begin on the Monday and finish on the Saturday. On the first and last days, students will be given leisure time to explore our campus and surroundings. Students need to arrive in St. Gilgen on Sunday, 25th of July between 9am and 11am and leave on Sunday, 8th August in the morning between 9.00am and 11am.

The first international school golf and language camp in Austria.

Application Information 

Date: 25th July to 8th August 2021
Fees: 4.000 EUR for two weeks
Sign-up: Please complete and return your application form as soon as possible – number of places are limited.

Fully Immersive English Camp

The best preparation for starting an education in English
In August 2021, St. Gilgen International School is offering a fully immersive online English Language course for children wanting to improve their English language skills and build stronger foundations for the coming academic year so that they feel ready and confident to start studying in an English speaking environment. We offer a complete English Language Learning Experience through fun engaging lessons, and individual projects.

Experience the StGIS lifestyle.
The course is for children aged 12 to 15 years old, from around the world, that currently have an A2 or B1 level of English and are looking to make the next step. Our students enjoy excellent online classroom teaching by our passionate teachers. Classes will be differentiated to cater for individual student needs and abilities, and class sizes will be small allowing our students to benefit from more individual support. The academic programme will be enriched by personal projects that help our students consolidate their English skills.

Language – English
Camp participants will attend 5 hours of formal classes per day, a total of 25 hours focused language tuition per week, and will be expected to keep a diary, written in English, throughout the camp. Learning is designed and delivered at each student’s particular level. Every student will have the opportunity to practise their reading/pronunciation skills with a member of staff during allotted reading times. The courses will be concluded with an official language certificate, and a detailed action plan.

Application Information 

Date: 15th to 27th August 2021
Fees: 3.600 EUR for two weeks
Sign-up: Please complete and return your application form as soon as possible – number of places are limited.

Strengthening and reinforcing a foreign language will open a window into international and cultural understanding.

Hygiene Measures

How will we keep your children safe?
In order to ensure everyone’s safety we will be testing all participants and staff, who are closely involved in the camp, for Covid 19. This will take place on the first day of the camp and we will receive the results within 24 hours. Pending the results, and for the safety of all, participants and staff will adhere to social distancing and hand washing hygiene protocols and where possible, will continue to wear face masks. Once we have confirmation of negative results, the Summer Camp will operate as a family unit with no physical or close contact with anyone outside of the camp. We will run all of our activities within the local area and have cancelled all trips, where close contact with others may be hard to avoid. Any staff coming in from outside, will be required to wear a face mask and keep their distance from all participants and staff under government guidelines. The house will be regularly cleaned and sanitized and the shared rooms are large enough to allow for effective social distancing, and will only be shared with a maximum of one other person.

Can I still visit my child during the camp?
We always recommend that parents do not visit their children after dropping them off at the camp, as it sometimes makes it harder for them to settle and can prolong feelings of homesickness. This year, to maintain the highest levels of safety for all, we will not be allowing any non-camp personnel entry to the house, after the first day. We request for the safety of all, that you do not visit your child during their time at the camp. If this is not possible, then we require that you meet them outside of the boarding house and maintain social distancing and sanitizing hygiene protocols.
What happens if a participant or staff members test result is positive?
In the unfortunate case that someone is found to be positive for the Covid -19 virus, they will immediately be put into isolation in their room and parents will be contacted to collect their son/daughter as soon as possible. If it is a staff member, they will be immediately required to leave the house. The rest of the camp would have been maintaining social distancing protocols up to the point of a negative result, so there is a reasonable assumption of safety from infection.

This year, the face mask protection is mandatory for all staff and participants and for parents, on the first day, when bringing the child to the camp. Please ensure that you arrive at the camp, wearing the face masks.  The camp will then, where possible continue to wear the masks, until confirmation of negative test results is received and we may assume that it is safe to remove them.

Summer Camp Vacancies

Beyond a job.
Do you view education and learning as a meaningful way of life and not simply a job? Are you an adventurous person who acts with purpose, integrity and have a good sense of humour? If so, then you are the type of person who will thrive at St. Gilgen International School.

Apply now. 
If you feel that you are ready to join us, then we would welcome your application. The ability to speak German, whilst obviously helpful, is not a requirement. We thank you for the time and effort put into your application – we assure you that it will be given detailed and thorough consideration.

Get informed. Get inspired.
Please feel free to download further information for each open Summer Camp post. You should then send a copy of your CV and letter of application to the Summer Camp Coordinator: r.dale@stgis.at

Stay in touch.
St. Gilgen International School welcomes CVs and letters of application that have clearly been tailored to potential future vacancies at StGIS. We undertake to keep them on file for one year and refer to them when we are advertising vacancies. Please send to info(at)stgis.at.

Learning a new language will open a window into intercultural understanding.

Residential Assistant - Boarding House

Contract type: Full Time
Contract term: 29th September 2019 – 30th June 2020
Salary: 18,040 Euro
Deadline: 15th March 2019

Teacher of MYP Design (with Art)

Dates: From August 2019
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 39,923 to € 55,682
Deadline: Friday 5th April

Apply for summer Camp 2021
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