"REFLECTIONS ON AN EDUCATION" by Thomas Zhang (class of 2017)

This school enabled and facilitated my growth and empowerment, resulting in the one and only "subjugation" that I conducted never to subjugate my individuality in an attempt to appeal to anyone.

Among tens of millions of high school students in my age, I was truly blessed to be part of this amazing school, which I found from 300+ IB boarding schools worldwide. This miraculous match brought a whole new world into my life--inspiring surroundings of mountains and lakes in Austria; small class size (4-10 students); 10 activities per week; international friends; self-discovery in arts, sports and communication; cultural, political and ideological clashes; pure pursuit of in life; individuality, confidence, even extravagance; appreciation and open-mindedness; dream and love...and of course, endless coffee shots in the school cafe and yogurts supplies to the houses. Every desired aspect of 21st century high school life school, StGIS provided me. Thank you, thank you!

Coming in the middle of G11 year, I prepared the readiness of adapting, or subjugating, to the established system. This school enabled and facilitated my growth and empowerment, resulting in the one and only "subjugation" that I conducted never to subjugate my individuality in an attempt to appeal to anyone. Whether it is the pressure from majority or authority, the social expectations or stereotypes, or simply the worthless judgements of haters, who have nothing in their brains and only gains sense of superiority by willfully engaging themselves in ridiculing others based on nothing. With so many caring people spreading positive energies and cheering me up each time I felt overwhelmed and doubted myself, StGIS empowered me, and surely will keep empowering every student, to achieve mental security and proudness by not putting others down, but by developing our own passion and talent, with numerous opportunities provided for self-discovery provided. Here, students learn to embrace themselves and appreciate each other in an amazing, meaningful, and constructive manner. Much as I appreciate and relish the opportunity to come, I will never forget all the ups and downs of the last 15 months, and I embrace my heritage and transformation. I will unrelentingly encourage other young boys and girls, with passion, love, and curiosity for the world, to embark on an unforgettable journey at StGIS. You are the composer of your life; be proactive, grasp opportunities, and have fun.

Farewell to high school, farewell to Europe.

Guodong (Thomas) Zhang, Class of 2017 Graduate Student


Wings for Life CEO Anita Gerhardter visits St. Gilgen.

St. Gilgen International School is organising a virtual Wings for Life World Run on the Wolfgangsee.

Anita Gerhardter, director of the Wings for Life foundation, was the most recent visitor to St. Gilgen as part of the St. Gilgen International School “Inspiring People” lecture series. She gave a presentation to the students on her work with spinal cord research.  

Wings for Life is a long-standing passion for Anita Gerhardter, who coordinates activities, initiates various projects and manages many partnerships. Always at the forefront of her mind is the organisation surrounding the next Wings for Life World Run.  

Miss Gerhardter, who is delighted by the overwhelming interest in this unusual running event, explained “On the 6th May at 13:00 (CET) the start gun will be fired to signify the synchronised start for thousands of runners worldwide, taking part in this year’s Wings for Life World Run. The number of participants is so large for some running events, in Vienna for example, that there are no longer any competitor start numbers available. As an alternative, there is the option to take part in the world run using a smartphone app.” St. Gilgen International School is one of 150 worldwide organisations hosting a so-called “App-Run.”   Anita Gerhardter was delighted to receive a donation in the sum of 1000 Euros from the students of the private school; revenue created from last year’s charity run.


Louis Lewitan, author of the book “Stressless”, gives tips to overcome stressful situations

With the new year in full swing, the “Inspiring People” lecture series is back at St. Gilgen International School

Reflections on StGIS Inspiring People Volume 9 - Louis Lewitan

Stress is important and signifies vitality, Louis Lewitan, the French-German Stress Expert, psychologist and Management Advisor explained during his visit to St. Gilgen International School.  During special workshops, the psychologist inspired students with ways in which they can convert stressful situations into positive energy.

“There is no such thing as a life without stress. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional athlete or top manager – no one can escape stress.” Mr. Lewitan, who was born in Lyon but resides in Munich, has a long-standing career as a consultant and counsellor, working with influential managers from various sectors. “It is important to recognise how stressful situations influence us, and what we can do to positively channel negative energy. A person who is unaffected by stress, is by definition dead.”

Stress is not an illness and also not a sign of weakness.
Mr. Lewitan, who regularly interviews prominent politicians, entrepreneurs and artists for the renowned “Zeit Magazin”, views stress as a normal reaction to the many challenges of daily life. In fact, positive stress can be useful and inspiring. “Stress itself is not the problem. Stress is not an illness and also not a sign of weakness. It comes down to interpretation, but above all, the possible ways in which we can cope and whether the stress is perceived as positive or negative”, the trained psychologist revealed. 

The Author of “Stressless” gave the following advice when it comes to managing stress in a positive way: “it is important to differentiate between what is essential and non-essential, and to prioritise things; to challenge oneself, but not to constantly push oneself beyond his or her own limit. The following can help accomplish positive stress management; self-composure, respecting oneself and environment, as well as the people around us.”  Louis Lewitan’s final advice to the students was to “occasionally switch their mobile phones to silent or place them on the side for an hour.”

What is your StGIS story? Episode 2

Our stories are an authentic expression of our culture, our values and our mission.

Our stories are our living memories. They are an authentic expression of our culture, our values and our mission. Whilst an organisational mission statement can summarize an approach or an ideal, a story is the embodiment of this. The passing on of stories is one of the oldest and earliest forms of education. Narrated by those who experienced them, we will be publishing a series of videos to capture these stories and provide a unique insight into life at StGIS.