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Summer Camp 2018

In July 2018, St. Gilgen International School is offering an exceptional Summer Camp open to children aged between 9 and 16 from around the world.

The programme will combine language instruction (in either English or German) with outdoor adventure. We accept all language abilities, from beginners to advanced and are pleased to be able to offer this language learning in one of the most beautiful locations in Austria.

Our Summer Camp students enjoy excellent classroom teaching of either English or German language by our passionate teachers in state-of-the-art classroom facilities. Classes will be differentiated to cater for individual students needs and abilities.

The academic programme will be enriched by a broad range of outdoor and cultural activities. Taking advantage of the nearby lake and surrounding mountains, our outdoor adventure programme includes alpine and water sports as well as a range of sports, balanced by excursions into historic Salzburg and surrounds as well as social events.

The two-week programme provides an exciting combination of academic and extracurricular activities embodying our school values and designed to develop the whole person.

The Summer Camp is also an ideal introduction to the many facets of boarding school life. In fact, many of those children who participate in Summer Camp will join St. Gilgen International School in the future.

"The two-week programme provides an exciting combination of language learning and adventurous outdoor activities."

Daily Programme

"Learning a new language will open a window into intercultural understanding."