Pearl of the Basque Coast

Snippets from Beatrice Sekula’s diary, Grade 5

After learning all about oceans for the past term, we decided to venture to Biarritz to understand the ocean, to see it, to hear it and to taste it, and to feel its power; to truly live it. 

Tuesday 26th May
The start of our French Adventure
As soon as we arrived, I was enthralled by the Basque architecture and the beaming sun that lit up the sky. We drove to our villa, which was quietly nestled in the forest. We explored our home before beginning a French lesson, delivered by our very own, Hannah. I was amazed by how many words I learned in such a short time.

Wednesday 27th May
The first day of excitement
Excitedly, I sprung out of bed, slipped into my dress and ran to the front door to attend our first appointment at the Musee de la Mer aquarium.  I was blown away by the museum, as we were able to travel with our guide, Stephane, through the world’s oceans and seas, from the warm waters of the Bay of Biscay, to the colourful, fish-filled seas of the Caribbean, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. At the end of the day, we had a wonderful surf lesson. I must say surfing was so much fun; it made me feel wild and free.

Thursday 28th May
Day at the beach

Friday 29th May
Day in the water
The surf was calling for me as soon as I awoke. After lunch we travelled to a nearby town to attend our next appointment at a snorkeling school. I found this whole experience overwhelming, but the experience was magnificent.   

Saturday 30th May
Au Revoir Biarritz
We wanted to leave the beach in a better condition than it was in before we arrived, so we collected as much rubbish as we could within the time we had. During our entire stay, we were shocked by the volume of rubbish that was scattered on the beach.

Once we returned back to Austria, I sat and reflected on this experience. Not only did this trip open my eyes to a different culture, but it also made me appreciate the beauty of the ocean, its force, its life and its fragility. 

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