Seoul Seeking

The Model United Nations group went on an adventurous trip to Seoul, South Korea. 


This May, Ms Manrai and Mr Earwood took the Model United Nations (MUN) group on an adventurous trip to Seoul, South Korea. The conference they attended was hosted by Yale University (from the US) and the topics that the mock delegates were to find solutions to, such as organ trafficking, the protection of doctors in war or the promo- tion of free and fair elections, were intriguing and highly engaging.

The first two days they spent exploring the unfamiliar and exciting country. South Korea shows how it is possible for modern technology and old traditions to go hand-in-hand. This merging contrast was experienced when the group visited the traditional palace Gyeongbokgung, which is surrounded by modernistic skyscrapers; Korea literally built the capital around the palace.

In the afternoon of the second day the conference started. Despite jetlag, the students were all very alert and did an outstanding job of representing the countries to which they were assigned. They had the opportunity to meet undergraduates from Yale University and exchange ideas for the development of our world with bright South Korean scholars. The conference went very successfully and four out of the seven students were given an award for their outstanding participation in their individual committees. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved and the group looks forward to continuing the MUN program at StGIS next year. 

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