Famous female director came to St Gilgen to give a talk on the strength of human intuition
– Exclusive lecture exploring the roles of intuition and creativity at St Gilgen International School
– Intuition and creativity as effective tools in the changing business world

Reflections on StGIS Inspiring People Volume 4 – Hrund Gunnsteindóttir

Author and film director Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir inspired students, teachers and parents of St Gilgen International School with a captivating lecture entitled “The Power of Intuition and Creativity.” The 42 year old Icelander gained international success in 2016 with her remarkable cinema documentary “Innasei – the power of Intuition” which reached Austrian cinema screens.

To research and better understand the subject of Intuition, Hrund, together with her colleague Kristín Ólafsdóttir, travelled around the globe and carried out innumerable interviews.

65% of children currently at school will work in careers which do not yet exist.

“Intuition is a unique skill which only we humans possess. We analyse, we are taught to use logic, but we are therefore ‘taught’ to depress our trust in human intuition” Hrund thus regretfully describes the current development of modern society.

Through the fast progression of Digitalisation production – code word Industry 4.0 – Hrund sees fundamental changes in the working world. “65 percent of current school children will have jobs which do not yet exist” and this is of course why Hrund’s lecture was so appealing for the students of the St Gilgen private school. “In order to keep pace with the new challenges that the globalised world will throw at us, we need new manners of thinking. Intuition and creativity but also inspiration, mindfulness and empathy are all qualities and skills which should be prioritised in schooling and everyday life, not side-lined.”

The Icelandic film maker, author and entrepreneur Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir spent many years working for the UN and in 2011 was singled-out by the World Economic Forum as a “Young Global Leader.”

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