Class of 2020 IBDP Results

The IB Diploma (IBDP) is a holistic, mission driven programme, which challenges students to become more inquiring, caring and thoughtful individuals committed to creating a better world through intercultural understanding and mutual respect.  Students who engage with the programme develop their knowledge and understanding in hugely impactful ways over the course of two years.  Diplomas can only be awarded if students meet certain standards as defined by the IB organization, and these standards are measured in multiple ways from examinations, projects, essays, activities, reflections, and collaboration with peers. 

This year the pandemic disrupted the normal assessment practices of the IB, and students were unable to complete their external examinations which typically take place at the end of the programme. In order to produce fair and accurate results and grades for student work on the programme, the IB developed a specific method of determining a student’s achievements which included individual student coursework, predicted grades from classroom teachers, school historical data, and other factors necessary to award grades with the utmost fairness possible in these unusual circumstances. 


Our students have much to be proud of in their accomplishments.  Of particular note are the following successes:

  • Average IBDP score of 36 points from our passing students. This is the highest passing average in our school’s history.
  • 90% Pass rate on the IBDP. This is notably higher than the world average from 2019.
  • One of our students earned the highest mark possible: 45 points, with another 8 students scoring above 40 points, and 6 students scoring between 35 and 39 points. This means that nearly half of our graduates scored above 35 points.


The results from the IBDP have implications for future destinations of our students, and each individual’s plans will continue to firm up in the coming weeks and months.  A large portion of students from this cohort will continue their studies at universities throughout Europe and the UK, while others are diving directly into work experience or civil service as mandated by their home country.


While scores help to understand the achievements of individuals, what we value more is that the graduates of the class of 2020 are inspiring and passionate people.  We are confident that they will go into the world as knowledgeable, caring, and respectful young people ready to make positive impacts in their local and global communities.  For our school, the class of 2020 will always be remembered as a cohesive group of leaders who helped to define our culture of growth and a love of learning.  As a whole school community, we are proud of our graduates, and wish them continued success in the future. 

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