A coffee with Cosima Lensing

Today, we want to introduce you to Cosima Lensing. Together with Olga Dushkina, Mrs. Lensing is the chairperson of StGIS’ Parents Association since November 2021. She has three daughters, whereof two are currently enrolled in our school. Furthermore, Mrs. Lensing is the owner of the Costume and Fashion Store Lodenfrey Bad Ischl in Bad Ischl.

Can you provide us with some insights into the tasks and projects of the StGIS Parents Association?
One of our major tasks is to keep the parents of our students up to date. Therefore, we meet with Martina Moetz, the Head of School, every eight weeks to discuss current topics and figure out how the Parents Association can contribute to them. Afterward, we inform the parents for example via our WhatsApp group. Moreover, we try to contribute to the many events that StGIS has. For instance, we usually offer drinks and snacks during the Christmas party and the TEDxStGIS events. But we also organize our own events like an international lunch for parents, breakfast for our teachers at the end of the year, and gatherings in local coffee houses every two weeks. Also, we are a mediator between the parents and the school for every topic.

How would you describe the collaboration with the school’s leadership team?
My first impressions are very positive. The collaboration is very smooth and takes place at eye level!

What are the plans of the associations for 2022?
Due to the pandemic, many of our offerings are currently taking place in an online format. However, we wish that we can be more present in our community with visible, face-to-face events from summer onward.

Do you have a life motto?
Live positively and laugh a lot!

What is your favorite place at StGIS and why?
The jetty on the lake because of the vastness of the lake and the silence.

What makes StGIS special for you?
Its location and the fact that it is small as well as personal.

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