A coffee with Manuel Hückel

Today, we want to introduce you to Manuel Hückel. Manuel is 23 years old and a StGIS Alumnus. After six years at StGIS, he successfully completed his International Baccalaureate in […]

A coffee with Peter Bennett

Today, we want to introduce you to Peter Bennett. Peter is originally from Melbourne (Australia) and joined StGIS eleven years ago as a teacher of Economics & English. Beforehand, he […]

A coffee with Guy Daws

Today, we want to introduce you to Guy Daws. Guy is originally from Yorkshire Dales (UK) and since 2019 House Tutor at our boarding house Traube as well as a […]

A coffee with Tino Jung

Today, we want to introduce you to Tino Jung. Tino is 24 years old and spent the last two months as an intern at StGIS to support our marketing team […]

A coffee with Cosima Lensing

Today, we want to introduce you to Cosima Lensing. Together with Olga Dushkina, Mrs. Lensing is the chairperson of StGIS’ Parents Association since November 2021. She has three daughters, whereof […]

A coffee with John Patton

Today, we want to introduce you to John Patton. John has several roles at StGIS: He is IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Careers and Higher Education Advisor as well as Teacher […]

Class of 2021 IBDP Results

The results are in, and we could not be prouder of our class of 2021!  This year posed many challenges for our students which no one could have foreseen.  To […]

German Brand Award 2021

STGIS IS PROUD TO WIN THE GERMAN BRAND AWARD ONCE AGAIN IN 2021 After winning the prestigious German Brand Award in 2020, we were invited to enter our marketing projects […]

Sharing is Caring

We spoke to recent StGIS graduate Erick Shepard, who was this year’s winner of our Excellence in Care award. The recipient of this award is a multiplier who brings out […]

Reaching a New Summit in Education

We catch up with Thomas Kukla, the head of our StGIS Outdoor Education Programme, to discuss the highs and lows of outdoor education. Having led every kind of expedition from […]