Class of 2023 IBDP Results

The IBDP results for the StGIS Class of 2023 are in, and we are very proud of our recent graduates!  This year the IB made efforts to return to pre-pandemic protocol and grading procedures resulting in worldwide pass rates, mean grades, and average total points which were lower than they have been in the past […]

StGIS Public Value Study

Executive summary: St. Gilgen International School (StGIS) in Austria is one of the world’s most exclusive educational institutions. 14 years after its foundation and interested in its further development, the school wants to find out what makes it valuable to its surroundings. To that end, this thesis is the first to scientifically determine the public […]

Class of 2022 IBDP Results

The results are in, and we are so proud of our recent graduates of the class of 2022. This cohort tackled the IBDP with poise and style as they navigated the dynamic nature of the IBDP returning ‘back to normal’ after years of changes due to the pandemic.  To their credit, they stepped up and […]

A coffee with Manuel Hückel

Today, we want to introduce you to Manuel Hückel. Manuel is 23 years old and a StGIS Alumnus. After six years at StGIS, he successfully completed his International Baccalaureate in 2017. Manuel is about to start a Master of Science in Marketing and Branding at the University of Innsbruck. Last year, Manuel founded a start-up […]

A coffee with Peter Bennett

Today, we want to introduce you to Peter Bennett. Peter is originally from Melbourne (Australia) and joined StGIS eleven years ago as a teacher of Economics & English. Beforehand, he taught in different private schools in his home country and Germany. As an active member of our community, he launched the StGIS Service Day (now […]

A coffee with Guy Daws

Today, we want to introduce you to Guy Daws. Guy is originally from Yorkshire Dales (UK) and since 2019 House Tutor at our boarding house Traube as well as a Guitar Teacher in our Instrumental Teaching Programme (ITP). His two passions are music and sport. Thus, it is not a surprise that he studied music, […]

A coffee with Tino Jung

Today, we want to introduce you to Tino Jung. Tino is 24 years old and spent the last two months as an intern at StGIS to support our marketing team and conduct research for his master thesis which is about the public value of our school. Tino is originally from the Palatinate region in southwest […]

A coffee with Cosima Lensing

Today, we want to introduce you to Cosima Lensing. Together with Olga Dushkina, Mrs. Lensing is the chairperson of StGIS’ Parents Association since November 2021. She has three daughters, whereof two are currently enrolled in our school. Furthermore, Mrs. Lensing is the owner of the Costume and Fashion Store Lodenfrey Bad Ischl in Bad Ischl. […]

A coffee with John Patton

Today, we want to introduce you to John Patton. John has several roles at StGIS: He is IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, Careers and Higher Education Advisor as well as Teacher of Biology and Activities Leader. Being originally from Wyoming (United States) where he used to teach in public schools, he now lives and teaches in […]

Class of 2021 IBDP Results

The results are in, and we could not be prouder of our class of 2021!  This year posed many challenges for our students which no one could have foreseen.  To their credit, they stepped up and met the challenges head on with the excellent support of our dedicated staff.  A summary of a few highlights […]