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Our School

St. Gilgen International School offers a world-class international education set in the culturally rich and beautiful village of St. Gilgen, Austria. Our school combines the traditional charm, security, and cultural heritage of a small village, with a dynamic and modern teaching and learning environment and an ambitious and globally minded school community. Set in one of the most stunning natural environments in the world, our location provides us with the sensational views of the lakes and mountains to inspire learning and adventurousness.


"Every child has a talent and ST. GILGEN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will discover it"

Key facts about St. Gilgen International School

  • We are located 35 minutes from Salzburg Airport, Austria.
  • Students come to us from all parts of the globe.
  • We have among the best staff to student ratios in the world. With a maximum of 250 students, we offer the highest level of care for each and every individual student.
  • The school is owned by St. Gilgen International School Privatstiftung, a non-profit foundation, which is governed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board consisting of experts, a representative of the municipality of St. Gilgen and parents.
  • The foundation was established by parents of current and former students.
  • We offer a generous scholarships programme for talented and motivated students.
  • We teach in English, in addition all students get the opportunity to study German (either as mother tongue or language acquisition).
  • We also offer Spanish and French, and we have a well-developed Self-taught mother tongue programme for IB Diploma students (for example in Italian, Russian, and Mandarin Chinese).
  • We send students out into the world to the best universities and colleges around the globe.
  • We help all our students explore their talents and offer comprehensive and professional instruction and coaching in musical, sporting, theatrical, artistic and outdoor endeavors.

Please do take the time to explore the website and learn more about our school and feel free to contact us or arrange a visit.

Our History

St. Gilgen International School was founded in 2008 and since then has grown steadily with our current enrolment approaching capacity.

"We expect to continue our planned growth and to reach our capacity of 250 in the near future."

The school was built on a site beside Lake Wolfgang which previously contained green fields and some derelict villas. The prominent Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach formerly lived here and this historical relationship has a number of significant features.

  1. Scholarship and creativity
    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach is renowned as one of the most important German writers of the 19th century and her academic success lays a strong foundation for our continued striving for excellence in education.

  2. Empowerment
    Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach faced many challenges as a female writer of this time and has emerged as a powerful figure for women’s liberation. This lays a strong foundation for our continued striving to equip our students with the strength and integrity to go fourth into the world and help make it a more just and equitable place for all.

  3. International mindedness
    Legend has it, that Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach planted all of the trees on our campus during her time here. The trees that she chose were taken from all corners of the world and they now stand tall and together. This lays a strong foundation for global awareness.

The Villas were renovated to a high standard and five state-of-the-art teaching buildings were constructed over 12 months during 2007 and 2008.

The founder of St. Gilgen International School is a prominent Austrian architect – Mr Alexander Serda, who envisaged a unique school with members drawn from the local and international community sharing a high quality academic and personal education in beautiful surroundings.

On the 17th of May 2016, ownership of the school passed to a foundation of parents of the school community (Privatstiftung). This foundation acts solely in the interests of the school and school community. It undertakes to secure the school’s future. As such, all profits are reinvested back into the school. The new ownership harnesses our community spirit and drives us to work together in a continued effort to improve our already exceptional school.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

We empower our students to reach their fullest potential to have a positive influence on the world and inspire them to discover a life-long love of learning.

The 'path of excellence'. Together with our dedicated staff, student and parent community we are building one of the finest international education institutions in the world, that will inspire generations of students to develop a lifelong love of learning.


  1. Excellence
    We always look for ways to improve and set new educational standards.
  2. Integrity
    We encourage our students and staff to be people of integrity guided by Plato’s cardinal virtues:
    Courage – emotional strength and ability to confront fears.
    Temperance – act with moderation and self-control.
    Prudence – ability to judge own actions as appropriate or inappropriate.
    Justice – act with fairness and without bias toward others.
  3. Passion
    Our goal is to build a vibrant and enterprising learning community of students with passion, curiosity and a strong desire to learn. Passion fuels their imagination, drives thinking across uncharted territories, and remains fundamental to their success in life.

School Leadership


Diplompädagogin (Pädagogische Akademie Strebersdorf), Fulbright Scholar (NY), M.A. Spanish Literature (University of Northern Iowa, U.S.); M.Ed. Leadership and Management (Bath University, UK)

Why StGIS? Combining the best of local and international

Martina Moetz

Head of School
Nationality: Austrian


Bachelor of Geography (hon) (University of Bristol); Post Graduate Certificate of Education – Geography (University of East Anglia)

Why StGIS? Early morning swimming in the lake

Andrew Woodman

Deputy Head (Curriculum and Learning); Teacher of Geography
Nationality: British (English)


BEd - Education (hons) (University of Ballarat); MEd - Education; MBA - International Business (Deakin University); EdD - Positive Education (University College London, IOE) - in progress

Why StGIS? It's where tradition and innovation collide!

Jeremy House

Deputy Head (Pastoral); Teacher of Movement and Wellbeing Teacher of Exercise; Sport and Health Science
Nationality: Australian

Academic Staff


M.Ed – Educational Leadership (Concordia Univ. Portland); B.Sc – Biology & Secondary Education (Univ. of Northern Colorado); A.A. - Music Performance (Edmonds College Washington)

Why StGIS? Opportunities, People, Challenge, Growth, Trust, Respect

John Patton

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and Careers and Higher Education Advisor
Nationality: American


B.A. Economics and Education (Bristol) QTS 1st Class Hons

Why StGIS? Atmosphere, Environment, People, Spinach dumplings equally!

Ian Chick

Teacher of Economics & Boarding Houseparent
Nationality: British (English)


BA European Studies (Hons) - German and Geography (Bradford Univ.); Post Graduate Certificate of Education – Primary (Glasgow Univ.); Master of Education (Open Univ.)

Why StGIS? Feeling alive by lake and mountains

Clare Willey

Teacher of Grade 6; Teacher of German; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (English)


Erstes Staatsexamen – French and English Lehramt Gymnasium (Universität Augsburg, Bavaria); PGDE – German and French (Aberdeen University, Scotland)

Why StGIS? Amazing community, amazing children, amazing location

Nicole Gifi

Teacher of German; Teacher of French
Nationality: German


BA (hons) Dramatic Art, PGCE Drama & English

Why StGIS? Cultured, Classy, Friendly, Family, Adventuring, Fearlessly.

Kennie Dowle

Teacher of Drama; Teacher of Theory of Knowledge; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (English)


PGCE Bangor University, Bachelor of Music - Aberdeen University

Why StGIS? Thriving talents, Community Spirit, International Perspectives.

Guy Martin

Movement & Wellbeing and Houseparent Assistant
Nationality: British (English)


BSC Physics with Music, PGCE

Why StGIS? Creativity and learning with a view.

Hannah Phillips

Teacher of Physics
Nationality: British (English)


M.A. Tainan University of Technology, M.M. and M.M.Ed. Boston Conservatory, TCSOL Certificate

Why StGIS? A Hidden Legendary Dreamland.

Wei Wei Chang-Albert

Arts Technician
Nationality: Taiwanese


Bachelor of Education - Primary Education and Psychology (University of Ballarat); Master of Education – Teaching English and Linguistics (University of Ballarat)

Why StGIS? Sprit of togetherness, simplicity and warmth

Aleisha House

Boarding Houseparent

Nationality: Australian


BA - English & Economics (University of Melbourne), Diploma in Education –English & Economics; MEd - Educational Leadership

Why StGIS? Space, Place, Pace, Smiles, Miles, Styles

Peter Bennett

Teacher of Economics; Teacher of English; Theory of Knowledge Coordinator
Nationality: Australian


BEd - English (Canada); Professional Teaching Certificate (British Columbia Ministry of Education); MEd - International Education K-12 (USA)​

Why StGIS? Home. Natural grace and beauty. Namaste.

Phelia Arlitt

Head of English; Teacher of English; IB Mentor Tutor
Nationality: Canadian


Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Bristol University); MSc (hon) (Bristol University)

Why StGIS? Arresting beauty, inspirational peers, family feeling

Declan Fleming

Head of Science
Nationality: British (English)


BSc (hon) - Geography (Southampton Univ.); Ph.D. - Glacial Geomorphology (Coventry and Cardiff Univ.); Post Graduate Certificate of Education - Geography and Maths (Leicester)

Why StGIS? Mountains, lake, seasons, community, acceptance, possibilities

Diana Taylor

Teacher of Middle School; IB Geography, Middle school Physics; Primary Maths Education
Nationality: British (English)


Master of German Philology and Psychology/Philosophy/Pedagogy

Why StGIS? My students, my subject, my colleagues

Irena Gingl

Teacher of German Language and Literature
Nationality: Austrian


Master of Arts- English (London University)

Why StGIS? Students, Snow, Mozart, Lake, Apfelstrudel, Austrians

Peter Allen

Teacher of English
Nationality: British (English)


BA in English Philology, MA in Spanish and PGCE Spanish and French

Why StGIS? Picturesque environment for developing great minds.

Ana Martinez Ribeiro

Teacher of Spanish
Nationality: Spanish


B.Sc. (Biochemistry), B.Ed.

Why StGIS? Positive outlook, endless 'Wanderwege'. 

Travis McKeen

Teacher of Chemistry 
Nationality: Canadian


Lehramtsstudium - German, English and Italian (University of Innsbruck and Vienna)

Why StGIS? Small-sized classes - super-sized community.

Andrea Hauer

Teacher of German Language and Literature
Nationality: Austrian


PGCE (University of Greenwich); BEng (hon) - Electronic Engineering (University College Swansea); MSc - Defence Technology (UK Defence Academy)

Why StGIS? Scenery, people, language, challenges, creativity, coffee

Neil May

Activities Coordinator; Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) Coordinator; Teacher of Theory of Knowledge (ToK)
Nationality: British (English)


BSc- Mathematics (Open University); Master of Educational Management (Open University)

Why StGIS? Motivated students; inspiring, engaging learning community.

Malcolm Williams

Head of Mathematics
Nationality: British (English)


BA - English Language and Literature (Minor in Spanish) (University of Barcelona) - Exchange programme in Knox College; Master of Legal and Social Sciences - Counselling (hons) (University Ramon Llull)

Why StGIS? Trust. Support. Creativity. Ready to grow?

Maribel Castillo

Head of Modern Languages; Teacher of Spanish as an Additional Language; IB DP Language B Examiner; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: Spanish


Northumberland University and University of Bath

Why StGIS? Friendly, unique, dreams, goulash and dumplings!

Lucy Chick

Teacher of English; House Parent; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (English)


BA Abilene Christian University, MA University of  Texas at Austin

Why StGIS? The integration of passion, education and excellence.

Curtis Powell

World Studies; IB History
Nationality: American - New Mexico


Bachelor of Commerce and Law (Lazarski School of Commerce and Law); Master Manager with German as a Foreign Language (Lazarski School of Commerce); PGCE (University of Warsaw)  

Why StGIS? Successful education in a beautiful nature setting.

Anna Kaniecka-Iwanska

Teacher of German; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: Polish


Diplomstudium Lehramt Deutsch und Französisch (Universität Wien, Université d’Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse)

Why StGIS? Inspirational place which encourages personal growth.

Anna Morbitzer

Teacher of German and French, Mentor Tutor
Nationality: Austrian 


Licence de langue, littérature et civilisation des pays anglophones; Diplôme d'université de premier cycle d'études scandinaves; Qualified Teacher Status, Graduate Teacher Programme UK.

Why StGIS? Flexible innovative teaching with high expectations.

Aude Paulin

Teacher of French
Nationality: French


Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering (The University of Sydney); Master of Teaching in Secondary Education (Mathematics) (University of Technology, Sydney)

Why StGIS? Dreams can be realized here!

Peter Williams

Teacher Mathematics
Nationality: Australian


BSc (Hons) (University College of Wales); Economics - Worcester College (Worcester UK); Post Graduate Certificate of Education - Economics and Physical Education

Why StGIS? Inspiring natural beauty and inspiring people.

Leaza May

Head of World Studies; Extended Essay Coordinator; Teacher of Economics; IBDP Examiner for Economics; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (Welsh)


 B.Ed (Hons) in Physical Education and PGCE in Primary Physical Education

Why StGIS? Living in a happy, caring community.

Lorna Jones

Head of Movement & Wellbeing/Athletic Director/ Assistant House Parent
Nationality: British (Scottish)


Bachelor of Music LTCL (Trinity College of Music, London); Master in Music Education (Trinity College of Music, London)

Why StGIS? Tranquility and beauty inspire musical creativity.

Angela Stevens

Head of Arts; Director of Music
Nationality: South African


Bachelor of History (hons) (University of Sheffield); PGCE (The University of Nottingham); Masters in International Relations (University of Nottingham) in progress

Why StGIS? Seasonal beauty; Nature; Wellness; Unique; Community; Innovative

Sally Powell

Teacher of History; Teacher of Politics Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (English)


BSc –Mathematics, Statistics and OR (Cardiff University, UK); Post Graduate Certificate Education - Mathematics and Outdoor Activities (Bangor University, UK)

Why StGIS? Meeting new people, and exploring the outdoors.

Rachael Dale

Teacher of Mathematics; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (English)


BSc (hons) - Agriculture; Post Graduate Certificate Education

Why StGIS? Inspiration around every corner, truly amazing!

Neil Gower

Teacher of Biology
Nationality: British (English)


BA (Int.) Mathematics & Anthropology (NUI Maynooth); MSc - GIS (University of Ulster, Coleraine); PDE (University College Dublin); Erasmus University of Vienna

Why StGIS? Good to be back in Austria

Daniel Flynn

Teacher of Mathematics; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: Irish


Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Queen’s University; Bachelor of Education Queen’s University

Why StGIS? Mountains, lake, beautiful scenery, small community.

Julie Ham

English Teacher and Learning Support Coordinator
Nationality: Canadian

Administrative Staff

Business Administration



Why StGIS? The lake, the mountains, the people

Ulrike Weil

PA to the Principal
Nationality: German


Bachelor of Science; Master of Science - in progress

Why StGIS? Inspiring people, stunning environment, plenty possibilities

Maximilian Obauer

Marketing Manager
Nationality: Austrian


Diploma in tourism management; A-level business academy

Why StGIS? St. Gilgen International school inspired my life.

Natascha Lohse

Human Resources & Accounting
Nationality: Austrian


Why StGIS? My students, my colleagues, the location.

Victoria Brandstaetter

IB & Marketing Assistant

Nationality: British (English)


Matura, Finanzbuchhalter

Why StGIS? School life will never get boring.

Elli Pressinger

Business Administration
Nationality: Austrian


Economy high school Salzburg (Annahof)

Why StGIS? Awesome  people and school buildings.

Theresa Stangl

Purchasing administrator

Nationality: Austrian

Support Staff


Austrian Business High School

Why StGIS? StGIS became part of my life

Arnulf Trimborn

System Administrator
Nationality: Austrian


IFMGA Ski & Mountainguide; IFMGA Canyoning Guide

Why StGIS? Outdoors, respect, humor, landscapes, students, spirit

Thomas Kukla

Head of Outdoor Education
Nationality: Austrian


Post Grad Translation, Bristol University; BA Hons French, Italian and European Studies, Bath University

Why StGIS? Inspirational Opportunities, Nature Involvement, Propitious Potential

Maia Bristol

Nationality: Swiss/British (English)


GuKPS LKH Bad Ischl; 10 years work experience as a nurse in Bad Ischl

Why StGIS? It`s an inspiring and challenging place

Tanja Hofer

School Nurse
Nationality: Austrian


Ongoing – you never stop learning!

Why StGIS? Work hard, play hard, dream big!

Carolyn Macintosh

Student Support and Services Co-ordinator
Nationality: British


Diplomierte Gesundheits- und Krankenschwester AKH Wien, Experience in different departments in hospitals in Austria and Switzerland, various advanced health trainings

Why StGIS? Good spirit, lovely people, great potential.

Birgit Aspoeck

School Nurse
Nationality: Austrian


Higher National Certificates, in Chemistry, and Biochemistry; Nine years work experience in the food industry as an Analyst

Why StGIS?

Gwen Toalster

Senior Science Technican
Nationality: British (English)


Want to join our team?

Do you see education and learning as a way of life rather than just a job? Are you a ‘risk-taker’ who has a healthy balance between purposeful intensity and a good sense of humour? If so, then you are the type of person we are looking for.

From our strong base we intend to progress from being a very good school to becoming truly outstanding. Exceptional staff from around the globe are the key to achieving this aspiration. All staff, in whatever capacity they are employed at the school, are seen as having an entitlement to support, personal growth and professional development. Our staff are our most valuable resource.

Applications are welcome from successful teachers and educators. We aim to appoint people who are passionate about teaching, strong practitioners, student-centred, innovative, full of ideas and who can contribute positively to all aspects of learning in our busy 7-day a week boarding school. Most importantly, you will be a team player who thrives on collaborating with colleagues.

If you feel you can demonstrate that you are ready to join us, then we will welcome an application. The ability to speak German, whilst obviously helpful, is not a requirement of appointment. Can we thank you now for the time and effort you will put into your application; we assure you that it will be given detailed and thorough consideration to justify your effort.

We are currently looking for


Residential Assistant

Contract type: Full Time
Contract term: September to June
Salary: 17 996 Euro  
Deadline: Friday 22nd June

Please download the full application pack; this details the application process and also includes specific details about each post. You should also download and complete the application form (see link below) as part of any final application submission.


In addition, St. Gilgen International School welcomes full CVs and letters of application that have clearly been tailored to potential vacancies at StGIS. We undertake to consider them and to keep them on file for one year and refer to them when we are advertising vacancies.
Please send to info(at)

Please note:
We do not advertise our vacancies on or If you have seen a job advertisement on those websites, they were not placed by St. Gilgen International School. 


Want to join our Team?

Our Location & Contact Details

Austria is a beautiful country which is both safe and nurturing. A unique feature of our school is its idyllic setting in the village of St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgangsee.

The beauty of our environment allows us to offer exceptional opportunities for outdoor adventure, including mountain biking, rock-climbing and hiking as well as sports such as skiing, sailing and horseback riding. Indeed in the winter months students can ski and snowboard every weekend. Students enjoy a healthy lifestyle with fresh, clean air away from the pollution of towns and cities.

Our proximity to the rich cultural centre of Salzburg offers students the opportunity to experience top-class music and theatre. In addition students enjoy weekend visits to the art galleries and museums of the beautiful cities of Vienna and Munich. We recognise that we are fortunate that our school is located in the village that was home to Mozart’s mother.

Transportation links via the international airports in Salzburg, Munich and Vienna mean that access is straightforward from global destinations and in addition Salzburg is served by an excellent European rail network. A school bus service runs from Salzburg which is 45 minutes away.

Contact Details

St. Gilgen International School
Ischlerstraße 13
5340 St. Gilgen

P +43 6227 202 59
F +43 6227 202 59 10