Our School

Home away from home. 
At St. Gilgen International School in Austria, we provide a home away from home, with a world-class education in an extraordinary environment. With a breathtaking Alpine backdrop, the magical lakeside town of St. Gilgen offers charming local traditions, a secure community and an outdoor sports paradise. Combined with modern teaching methodologies and an inviting international community, this ideal learning environment is perfectly designed to ensure each student thrives.

Every child has a talent and
St. Gilgen International School will develop it.

Key facts about St. Gilgen International School

Welcome. Willkommen. Bienvenida.
Our school community consists of over 35 nationalities.  We believe in strength through diversity.

Just fly by. 
StGIS is located 35 minutes from Salzburg Airport, Austria. That’s really easy access to the rest of Europe.

Every student matters. 
We have a 5:1 staff-to-student ratio – amongst the best in the world. This provides each student with the support they need to grow.

Find your tongue.
We teach in English and offer the opportunity to study German (as mother tongue or second language). We also offer Spanish and French, and  a well-developed self-taught mother tongue programme for IB Diploma students (ie. Italian, Russian and Mandarin Chinese).

Explore your playground.
The local Salzkammergut region has 50 mountain summits, 67 lakes with drinking water quality and 300km of ski slopes. St.Gilgen is also a UNESCO World Heritage site!

Conquer the world. 
What’s next – Harvard? Oxford? We prepare students for the best universities and colleges around the globe.

Hone your talents. 
We help all our students explore their talents and offer comprehensive and professional instruction and coaching in musical, sporting, theatrical, artistic and outdoor endeavors.

We’re in this together.
We offer a generous scholarship programme for talented and motivated students. 

Dates & Numbers

The numbers add up.
Here are a few quick dates & numbers about St.Gilgen International School:

Founded: 2008
Students: ~220
Day-to-Boarding ratio: 50%/ 50%
Average class size: 12 – 15
Nationalities: ~40
Teaching staff: 44
Student-to-Teacher ratio: 5:1
Average IBDP score: 36 Points
Students receiving a scholarship: 30%

Our Mission, Vision & Values

From the moment a student enters our gates for the first time right through to their final graduation, there are four significant features of our mission which we strive to achieve.

Equipped for tomorrow.
Each student comes to us with unique knowledge, skills, energy and ideas. It is our goal to always provide the right environments in which these talents and abilities can flourish. With uniquely fine-tuned skillsets and an unrivalled education – our students are equipped with the tools and self-belief to become masters of their own future. As they step out into the world as change agents, our goal is to ensure that each and every student is fully prepared and ready to rise to the top of their chosen fields.

Empowered to be your best.
Every student enters St. Gilgen International School with talent – our mission is to ensure each student discovers and fully explores this talent in the right environments. With the right support network and specialists in every field – students are perfectly positioned to master their talents and reach their fullest potential. According to Aristotle, excellence is a habit –  and it’s our goal to ensure our students develop into the very best versions of themselves they can possibly be.

Become a force for good.
We believe international education has a fundamental role to play in the future of our world. With a steadfast commitment to an international mindset, intercultural awareness and strength in diversity; we believe in the responsibility of the global citizen. We teach every student to embrace moral courage, integrity and mutual respect –  to live their lives ethically and always acting as a force for good.

Discover a lifelong love of learning.
Our biggest goal is to ensure each student graduates with a relentless curiosity and a desire to discover all that life has to offer. Every day our teachers fuel a passion for knowledge with detailed explorations of life’s fascinating details. To be open for new understandings and constantly seeking new wisdom is a disposition that characterises all those in St. Gilgen International School.

Seize the opportunity of a lifetime – an education that lasts a lifetime.

Eco code for StGIS

We aim to make St.Gilgen International School as eco-friendly as possible within a full and broad understanding of sustainability.

We undertake to continuously educate and inform our community about our impact on the planet.

In particular, we aim to:

  • Use resources in a circular manner, everything gets reused whenever possible, creating a circular system within our community.
  • Raise awareness about environmental problems and the impact we have on the environment.
  • Make contributions to global and local projects with our widest community.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint to make the school more sustainable.
  • Include every student, every member of staff and every member of the school community in the Ecoschools project.

Our History

History in the making.
St Gilgen International School was founded in 2008 by prominent Austrian architect Alexander Serda, who envisaged a truly unique educational experience in breathtaking natural surroundings. The goal was to build a dynamic and vibrant school community through a blend of talented teachers and students from around the world – the result being a progressive academic community powered by its unrivaled depth in culture, diversity, talent and experience.

The core mission would be the community’s relentless pursuit of excellence – this would become known as the ‘path of excellence’.

A very special site for the school was chosen – the land was previously occupied by the famous Austrian writer Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and situated next to the beautiful Wolfgangsee lake. This historical relationship contains three significant connections. 

The first is scholarship and creativity. Marie was one of the most important German writers of the 19th century and her success lays an inspirational foundation for our community’s pursuit of academic excellence. 

The second is empowerment. Marie faced many challenges as a female writer of this time and is recognised as a progressive figure in the historic movement for women’s liberation. Our goal is to equip our students with such strength and integrity to go fearlessly into the world and help make it a more just and equal place for all. 

The third is an international mindset. The legend is that Marie planted all the trees on the campus. She chose trees from all corners of the world and they now stand tall together. This now represents our belief in strength in diversity and global awareness.

Today St.GIS is proud to be recognized as the most exclusive school in the country by leading Austrian newspapers.


Non-Profit School Operator

St. Gilgen International School is owned by a foundation whose sole purpose is the sustainable operation and development of the school in the interests of the community. On the 17th of May in 2016, ownership of the school passed to a foundation of parents of the school community (Privatstiftung). The owner of the operating company of the School is St. Gilgen International School Privatstiftung (a foundation in terms of Austrian law). The school is operated by St. Gilgen International School GmbH, a limited company whose profit is reinvested back into the school. Thus, our school has no profit-driven owners, but only voluntary Foundation Executives and Members. You can find the charter of the Foundation in German and English here. The foundation was established by 9 members in 2016, and more joined since then. You can find the list of all Founders and Donors here. Before the Foundation was established, the School was a private enterprise. The new ownership harnesses our community spirit and drives us to work together in a continued effort to improve our already exceptional school.

The Foundation

The Executive Board, consisting of the Chairman Gert Fahrnberger, Deputy Chairman Christian Dreyer and Andrea von Baumbach.

The Advisory Council, consisting of Founders, as well as representatives of the Parents’ Association, the municipality of St. Gilgen, and the county of Salzburg – the complete list can be found here. The tasks of the Foundation are limited to strategic topics, while the school’s operation is the responsibility of the subsidiary St. Gilgen International School GmbH. Strategic tasks include the principles and governance of the School, its long-term development, the appointment of the Head of School, and the financing thereof. The governance is laid out in the Board Policy Manual, which you can find here.

The ongoing school operation is financed through school fees and generous scholarship partners. The school does not receive any public funding, nor does it seek such funding, so that it may remain independent in educational and personnel decisions. However, the Foundation ensures that all necessary accreditations of the national and international school authorities are gained, and are constantly renewed. The list of all our accreditations can be found here

The Foundation sees itself as a committed, philanthropic institution and welcomes new Founders at any time. A one-time endowment of at least €100,000 entitles the holder to a lifelong seat on the Foundation’s Advisory Council.


Salcher_Autorenfoto_©Lukas Beck

Die Zukunft des Lernens

Premiere am 17. Oktober: Bildungsexperte Andreas Salcher zu Gast in der St. Gilgen International School/ Buchpräsentation und Podiumsdiskussion

Homecoming Weekend 2023

We are extraordinarily excited to welcome you to our first Homecoming Weekend from Friday 23th and Saturday 24th June 2023.
The DARE Adventure Race

The Dare Adventure Race

Earth, water, dust and dirt. A mental and physical challenge. Push yourself and your team to the limit. An unforgettable experience.

Community Days

Community day sees the whole school community students and staff, engaged in service activities across the village, clearing up and preparing for winter and spring.

IB Art Exhibition

At the annual IB Art Exhibition students exhibit a wide variety of works ranging from paintings, sculptures, installations pieces and films.

Inspiring People Series

The world also comes to us, with regular visits from leading experts in their fields coming to talk to students about everything from human rights to marketing strategies.

Wings for Life Run​

Every year our students and staff organise the Wings for Life charity app run as part of the global challenge, which attracts hundreds of external competitors.


The Music Department is annually organising a winter and spring concert.


The StGIS TEDx Team is a group of students that organizes mini TED-style events within our community.

School Leadership

Diplompädagogin (Pädagogische Akademie Strebersdorf), Fulbright Scholar (NY), M.A. Spanish Literature (University of Northern Iowa, U.S.); M.Ed. Leadership and Management (Bath University, UK)

Why StGIS? Combining the best of local and international

Martina Moetz

Head of School
Nationality: Austrian

Bachelor of Geography (hon) (University of Bristol); Post Graduate Certificate of Education – Geography (University of East Anglia)

Why StGIS? Early morning swimming in the lake

Andrew Woodman

Head of Learning & Deputy Head of School; Teacher of Economics
Nationality: British (English)

MSc in Mental Health and Wellbeing in Education from Buckinghamshire New University; BA Hons French and Russian with Business from University of Swansea, Wales. PGCE Modern Foreign Languages

Why StGIS? Creating happy homes, exploring opportunities together

Adam Crew

Head of Boarding & Student Life; Teacher of French
Nationality: British (English)

Diploma in tourism management; A-level business academy

Why StGIS? St. Gilgen International school inspired my life.

Natascha Lohse

Head of Operations & Office Administration
Nationality: Austrian

Academic Staff

M.Ed – Educational Leadership (Concordia Univ. Portland); B.Sc – Biology & Secondary Education (Univ. of Northern Colorado); A.A. – Music Performance (Edmonds College Washington)

Why StGIS? Opportunities, People, Challenge, Growth, Trust, Respect

John Patton

IB Diploma Programme Coordinator and Careers and Higher Education Advisor; Teacher of Biology and Sport Science
Nationality: American

BA – English & Economics (University of Melbourne), Diploma in Education –English & Economics; MEd – Educational Leadership

Why StGIS? Space, Place, Pace, Smiles, Miles, Styles

Peter Bennett

Leader of Learning for English; Teacher of English; Teacher of Economics
Nationality: Australian

BSc (Hons) (University College of Wales); Economics – Worcester College (Worcester UK); Post Graduate Certificate of Education – Economics and Physical Education

Why StGIS? Inspiring natural beauty and inspiring people.

Leaza May

Leader of Learning for World Studies; Extended Essay Coordinator; Teacher of Economics; IBDP Examiner for Economics; Mentor Tutor
Nationality: British (Welsh)

Erstes Staatsexamen – French and English Lehramt Gymnasium (Universität Augsburg, Bavaria); PGDE – German and French (Aberdeen University, Scotland)

Why StGIS? Amazing community, amazing children, amazing location

Nicole Gifi

Leader of Learning Languages; Teacher of German; Teacher of French
Nationality: German

Post Graduate Certificate of Education (Bristol University); MSc (hon) (Bristol University)

Why StGIS? Arresting beauty, inspirational peers, family feeling

Declan Fleming

Leader of Learning Science; Teacher of Science
Nationality: British (English)

BSc Hons Mathematics (University of Warwick), PGCE Secondary Mathematics (University of Exeter)

Why StGIS? Opportunity to do what I love

Emma Jordan

Leader of Learning for Mathematics
Nationality: British (English)

BA (Hons) in Mathematics and Education, PGCE in Mathematics and Information Technology – Liverpool University

Why StGIS? A beautiful and inspiring place to learn

Paul La Rondie

IB MYP Coordinator; Teacher of Mathematics
Nationality: British (English)

BA European Studies (Hons) – German and Geography (Bradford Univ.); Post Graduate Certificate of Education – Primary (Glasgow Univ.); Master of Education (Open Univ.)

Why StGIS? Feeling alive by lake and mountains

Clare Willey

Primary Coordinator, Teacher of Primary and Teacher of Science
Nationality: British (English)

University of Canterbury, Graduate Diploma in Teacher and Learning; Laurentian University, Honours Bachelor of Physical and Health Education

Why StGIS? Mountain Adventures, Flourishing Community, Passionate Educators.

Julie Porter

Wellbeing Coordinator; MYP Physical and Health Education Teacher
Nationality: Canadian

BSc Sport and Exercise Science, University of Bath, PGCE secondary Physical Education, Cardiff University

Why StGIS? Mountains, Snow, Rock, Lake, Outdoor, Energy

Liz Riley

Leader of Learning for Movement & Wellbeing; Athletic Director
Nationality: British (English)

BA HONs Education Studies with Special Educational Needs (Liverpool John Moores University); PGCE Primary Education – specialising in SEND & Inclusion (Edge Hill University); Masters – Special Educational Needs Co-ordination (Liverpool John Moores University) 

Why StGIS? Everyone in the School family, included.

Grace Brand

House Parent - Kendler Learning Support Team
Nationality: British (Welsh)

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Queen’s University; Bachelor of Education Queen’s University

Why StGIS? Mountains, lake, beautiful scenery, small community.

Julie Ham

Teacher of English and School Counsellor
Nationality: Canadian

B.Sc. (Biochemistry), B.Ed.

Why StGIS? Positive outlook, endless ‘Wanderwege’.

Travis McKeen

Teacher of Chemistry
Nationality: Canadian

Master of German Philology and Psychology/Philosophy/Pedagogy

Why StGIS? My students, my subject, my colleagues

Irena Gingl

Teacher of German Language and Literature
Nationality: Austrian

B.A. Ed. (Hogeschool van Utrecht), M.A. (Universität Hamburg)

Why StGIS? Magnificent scenery meets internationally-minded school community.

Julia Peters

Teacher of English and German
Nationality: British, German
Neil Gower portrait

BSc (hons) – Agriculture; Post Graduate Certificate Education

Why StGIS? Inspiration around every corner, truly amazing!

Neil Gower

Teacher of Biology and Deputy House Parent (Traube)
Nationality: British (English)

PGCE, QTS, MSc in International Business Management with UWLP Spanish, BA Hons French & German with Italian. 

Why StGIS? Views, outdoor lifestyle and location. 

Katherine Langley

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages (German & Spanish)
Nationality: British

BSc Combined Honours, Mathematics and Chemistry 

Why StGIS? Breathtaking scenery and a close community

Clare Duckers

Teacher of Mathematics
Nationality: British

Master of Arts- English (London University)

Why StGIS? Students, Snow, Mozart, Lake, Apfelstrudel, Austrians

Peter Allen

Teacher of English
Nationality: British (English)

Ph.D. in Artistic Practice (University for the Creative Arts, UK) pending, MA Fine Art, BA Fine Art (Hons), PGCE Art and Design.

Why StGIS? Creative, quirky, friendly spaces, the unexpected.

Kirsty Lamont

Teacher of Art
Nationality: British (English)

Lehramtsstudium – German, English and Italian (University of Innsbruck and Vienna)

Why StGIS? Passionate teaching and learning in the most beautiful environment.

Andrea Patton

Teacher of German Language and Literature
Nationality: Austrian

MSc Environmental Sciences, BSc Environmental Biology, Diploma in Education and Training (DET), Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

Why StGIS? International-mindedness, sustainability, tradition, glocalization at its best.

Michael Soeldner

Head of Experiential Education; Teacher of Geography; Teacher of Individuals & Societies
Nationality: German

Bsc hons Biology; Msc Cell and Molecular Genetics; Post Graduate Certificate in Education

Why StGIS? I love biking up big hills.

Carolyn James

Teacher of Mathematics
Nationality: British

BA (Honours) Fine Arts

Why StGIS? Sense of community and belonging. Hiking.

David Dragulj

Residential Assistant & Learning Support
Nationality: Slovenian & British

Bachelor of Commerce and Law (Lazarski School of Commerce and Law); Master Manager with German as a Foreign Language (Lazarski School of Commerce); PGCE (University of Warsaw)

Why StGIS? Successful education in a beautiful nature setting.

Anna Kaniecka-Iwanska

Teacher of German
Nationality: Polish

BA Hons in Drama & Theatre Studies. University of Kent.

Why StGIS? Adventure. Europe. Community. Mountains. Eccentricity. Wonder.

Thomas Disney

Teacher of Drama
Nationality: British (English)

MA (Hons) Archaeology (University of Glasgow), MA Fine Art (Central Saint Martins at University of the Arts London), and iPGCE (University of the West of England)

Why StGIS? Fantastic hiking, cycling, and ski touring.

Veronika Flint

Teacher of Design and Art
Nationality: Slovak

MEd in the Arts (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), PGCE Music (University of Huddersfield), BMUS Hons (RNCM/University of Huddersfield)

Why StGIS? Community, Soul, Caring, Creative, Growth, Possibility

Lindsey Stirrat

Leader of Learning for The Arts/Teacher of Music
Nationality: British (English)

MA (Hons) in French, University of Ed- inburgh; MLitt in History, University of Glasgow; PGCE in History, University of Buckingham

Why StGIS? Tranquil restoration; meadows and woods and mountains.

William Flint

Digital Learning Co-ordinator, History, Individuals and Societies
Nationality: British
Master of Science in Urban Education and Learning Support, Mercy College
NYS Dual Certification for Middle School and Learning Support


Why StGIS? Portal to Passions, Gateway to Imagination

Christine Bayer-Borrero

Teacher of English, Individuals and Societies and Learning Support
Nationality: United States of America/ Puerto Rican

Mag.phil. English and German Univer- sity of Graz; University of Roehamp- ton London; University of Vienna

Why StGIS? Beautiful scenery; cultural diversity; innovation; academic excellence

Christina Weichselbaumer

Teacher of German A Language and Literature
Nationality: Austrian

Post Grad in Translation from Bristol University, BA Hons in French, Italian and European Studies from Bath University, QTS Reading University

Why StGIS? Inspirational opportunities, Natural beauty, Community and friends

Maia Bristol

Teacher of I&S and English, Champion for Sustainability
Nationality: Swiss & English

Bachelor of History (hons) (University of Sheffield); PGCE (The University of Nottingham); Masters in International Relations (University of Nottingham) in progress

Why StGIS? The lake, the mountains, the community, all round well-being!

Sally Powell

Global Politics and Individuals and Societies
Nationality: British (English)

PGCE (University of Greenwich); BEng (hons) – Electronic Engineering (University College Swansea); MSc – Defence Technology (UK Defence Academy)

Why StGIS? Scenery, people, language, challenges, creativity, coffee

Neil May

Teacher of Art, Teacher of Theory of Knowledge (ToK) and Arts Technician
Nationality: British (English)

Post Graduate Certificate in Education B.Sc (Hons) Astrophysics

Why StGIS? Supernal, Manifold, Gregarious, Gesamtkunstwerk

Matthew Brown

Teacher of Physics
Nationality: British

Master in Medical Translation, Bachelor in Science (Hons), Postgraduate Certificate of Education.

Why StGIS? Balanced community, amazing setting to inspire life-long learning.

Maria Mateo Becerril

Teacher of Spanish
Nationality: Spanish

BA (Hons) English and American Literature (University of Kent), QTS (University of Reading)

Why StGIS? New opportunities and adventures

Alexandra Bird

English Teacher, Deputy House Parent (Kendler)
Nationality: British (English)

Advanced Masters (Applied Linguistics); MEd.; Grad Dip Teach; BA Cert TESOL

Why StGIS? Communityminded school, stunning natural environment. 

Kelly-Ann Wickham

EAL Coordinator, Individuals and Societies, Teacher of English Language and Literature
Nationality: Australian

B.Sc. Sociology, London School of Economics, Member of the Chartered College of Teaching

Why StGIS? A small intimate atmosphere perfect for quality learning.

Stuart Payne

English Language and Literature / TOK Coordinator
Nationality: British

Manchester University and Liverpool John Moores University

Why StGIS? Community, Inspiration, Family, Culture

Sarah Street

Teacher of Art and Design
Nationality: British (English)

BA Hons in Latin American Studies, University of Liverpool; PGCE(i), University of Nottingham; Level 4 CPD Award in Perspectives on Dyslexia

Why StGIS? Stunning scenery, new possibilities and challenges.

Elizabeth La Rondie

Nationality: British (English)
Physical Education & Education Studies (Liverpool John Moores University) QTS (University of Reading)

Why StGIS? Memories, moments and milestones though movement.  

Lewis Parry

Teacher of Movement & Wellbeing; House Parent (Kendler)
Nationality: British (English)

Degree in Maths and Finance and PGCE

Why StGIS? The incredible environment and educational drive.

Aaron Pereira

Teacher of Mathematics
Nationality: Brazilian

University of the West of England
B.A.S.I level 2 ski instructor
Archery GB coach

Why StGIS? Mountains, creativity evolution

Lettie Adams

Outdoor Education Assistant and House Parent (Bachwirt)
Nationality: British (English)

BA (Hons) in English Philology (Uni- versity of Murcia), BA (Hons) in Mod- ern Language Studies: Spanish and German (The Open University), PGCE Secondary: Spanish (Trinity and All Saints College), MA in Education and Technology (University of Alicante)

Why StGIS? Community, nature, growth, adventure and well-being. 

Carlos Cazorla

Teacher of Spanish and German
Nationality: Spanish

University of Derby and Angela Ruskin

Why StGIS? Flexibility, Adventuring, Family, Opportunities, Challenges, Growth 

Jacob Street

House Parent (Bachwirt)
Nationality: British (English)

BSc (Hons) Forensic Science (University of Central Lancashire)

Why StGIS? Lovely people in an amazing environment

Daniel Brazier

Senior Laboratory Technician
Nationality: British (English)

Classical Philology

Why StGIS? The amazing nature and its surroundings.

Aikaterina Tsiava

Boarding Residencial Assistant
Nationality: Greek

Education – BA Hons Primary Education (English) University Wales, Cardiff

Why StGIS? Lust for learning, lust for life!

Sarah Crew

EAL Teacher and House Parent (Traube)
Nationality: British (Welsh)

Psychologist, National Aviation University in Kyiv

Why StGIS? The concentration of people who will change this world for the better.

Anastasiia Vdovychak

Boarding Residential Assistant
Nationality: Ukrainian
PGCE (i), University of Nottingham; BA Hons Popular Music, University of Gloucestershire

Why StGIS? Mountains, Culture, Respect, Wellness, Nature, Community

Guy Daws

Teacher of Music & Industry Arts; Instrumental Teaching Programme Coordinator
Nationality: British (English)

IFMGA Ski & Mountainguide; IFMGA Canyoning Guide

Why StGIS? Outdoors, respect, humor, landscapes, students, spirit

Thomas Kukla

Head of Outdoor Education
Nationality: Austrian

BA Visual Communication Design (Hons) (University of Stellenbosch); MA Visual Communication Design (Utrecht University of Arts); PGCE Art and Design (University of Pretoria); Ph.D. Art Didactics (Charles University, Prague) – in progress.

Why StGIS? Tucked away in an alpine dreamland.

Cornelia Edwards

Teacher of Design
Nationality: South African

LLB Law and Politics (Edinburgh); EMA International Humanitarian Action and Applied Human Rights

Why StGIS? Small and intimate community surrounded by incredible nature.

Zoe Leffler

House Parent (Kendler)/IBDP Assistant
Nationality: Swedish

BA (Honours) English Language and Literature; Post Graduate Certificate Education in Teaching English

Why StGIS? Fresh air, cosy winters and schnitzel!

Hayley Oughton

Teacher of English
Nationality: British (English)

M.Eng in Manufacturing Engineering from Cambridge University; MA in Industrial Design from the Royal College of Art, London; International PGCE from the University of Nottingham

Why StGIS? The people, the mountains, the potential.

Laurence Norfolk

Teacher of Design and Activities Coordinator
Nationality: British (English)

Lehramt English and French, German – DaF/DaZ (University of Vienna)

Why StGIS? International spirit in Salzkammergut

Katja Steininger

Teacher of German
Nationality: Austrian

BA in English Philology, MA in Spanish and PGCE Spanish and French

Why StGIS? Picturesque environment for developing great minds.

Ana Martinez Ribeiro

Girls' Houseparent (Bachwirt) and Teacher of Foreign Languages.
Nationality: Spanish

BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation (Honours); PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages 

Why StGIS? Enchanting setting to learn, share and grow.

Joshua James Smith

Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Nationality: British (Irish)

BA Abilene Christian University, MA University of  Texas at Austin

Why StGIS? The integration of passion, education and excellence.

Curtis Powell

Middle Years Coordinator; Teacher of World Studies; IB History
Nationality: American - New Mexico

MA – Law (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain), MA – Spanish (Universitat de Barcelona, Spain) and PGCE Modern Foreign Languages (University of Cumbria, UK)

Why StGIS? All-round education in a global community.

Raúl Salvador Noguera

Girls' Houseparent (Bachwirt) and Teacher of Foreign Languages
Nationality: Spanish

Batchelor Of Arts (BA) with Hons in Fine Art; Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in secondary education

Why StGIS? Serendipity, Thoughtfulness, Giving, Inspirational, Lifelong, Guidance

Kate Doody

Teacher of Art / MYP Design
Nationality: British (English)

M Phil [Educational Research] (Cambridge University); BA [Honours in History] (Australian National University); Grad. Dip. Ed. (University of Canberra)

Why StGIS? Water, Aspect, Altitude / New Audacious Attitude

Rob Hilliard

IBDP History and World Studies Teacher Educational Trips Coordinator Health & Safety Secretary
Nationality: Australian

B.Ed – English and Drama (Melbourne University); M.Ed – Curriculum Development (Monash University)

Why StGIS? New challenges in an amazing setting.

Malcolm Martin

Teacher of English
Nationality: Australian

Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Spanish Studies; Master’s Degree in Education

Why StGIS? International community, striking scenery and nature. 

Tiago Guerreiro Mendes

English Language and Literature and Theory of Knowledge Teacher
Nationality: Portuguese
Dip Music (Jazz /Improvisation) Victorian College of the Arts. University of Melbourne. 
Post Graduate Certificate Music Studies .Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. 

Why StGIS? Sublime surroundings unique learning/ working environment.

Thierry Fossemalle

Boarding house assistant
Nationality: Australian /French

BA in French, International Relations and Education  (Ohio State University); Master of Library/Information Science; Kent State University

Why StGIS? Teaching international students in natural beauty

Michelle Murray

Nationality: American (Ohio)

MEd (Arts Ed), BEd (Music), PGDipEd (International Ed), ATCL

Why StGIS? Beautiful location and amazing music!

Helen Hopping

MYP and DP Music Teacher
Nationality: Australian

 MA Mathematical Education ( University of Leeds), PGCE Mathematics and P.E. ( Birmingham University), BA Hons, Philosophy, Politics and Economics ( St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University)

Why StGIS? Space to breathe. Supportive, caring community. 

Kenneth Stirrat

Leader of Learning for Mathematics
Nationality: British

Master of Science (Mathematics and Humanistic computer science), Master of Economics, Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Mathematics)

Why StGIS? Incredible people in incredible surroundings. 

Mia Steenholt

Teacher of Mathematics
Nationality: Danish

BA (Honours) Spanish and French with Qualified Teacher Status; European Master in Multilingualism and Education; CELTA certification; Wilderness First Responder certification

Why StGIS? Beautiful scenery, close community, great opportunities

Sam Nelson

Digital Learning Coordinator Language Teacher
Nationality: British (English)

Administrative Staff

Business Administration


Why StGIS? The lake, the mountains, the people

Ulrike Weil

PA to Head of School
Nationality: German

Bachelor of Science; Master of Science – in progress

Why StGIS? Inspiring people, stunning environment, plenty possibilities

Maximilian Obauer

Marketing Manager
Nationality: Austrian

Tourismusschule Bad Ischl (mit Matura abgeschlossen)

Why StGIS? Bester Arbeitgeber im schönsten Ort der Welt

Burgi Swete

Nationality: Austrian

Economy high school Salzburg (Annahof)

Why StGIS? Awesome people and school buildings.

Theresa Stangl

Purchasing administrator
Nationality: Austrian

Diploma in Event Management, Certificate in Business Administration

Why StGIS? Great school in beautiful surroundings. 

Kerstin Dierker

Nationality: German

Matriculated at the Tourismusschule Salzkammergut in Bad Ischl.

Why StGIS? An international community on my doorstep.

Manuela Hubbart

Head of Housekeeping and Catering
Nationality: Austrian

Why StGIS? My colleagues, the students, the location.

Victoria Brandstätter

IB Diploma Programme Assistant
Nationality: British (English)

Diploma Outdoor Leadership

Why StGIS?Adventure & opportunities all around you.

Max Fitzgerald

Marketing Assistant, Alumni Liaison and Deputy House Parent (Kendler)
Nationality: British

Austrian Business High School

Why StGIS? StGIS became part of my life

Arnulf Trimborn

System Administrator
Nationality: Austrian


Why StGIS? Nice Team and the variety of work

Markus Gneist

Facilities Manager
Nationality: Austrian

Bachelor of Science –Mathematics, Statistics; Post Graduate Certificate Education –  Mathematics and Outdoor Activities

Why StGIS? Meeting new people, and exploring the outdoors.

Rachael Dale

Camps Coordinator
Nationality: British (English)

BSc (Hons) Event Management

Why StGIS? An infinite amount of excellent opportunity.

Lily Burford

Activities Assistant
Nationality: British

Support Staff

DGKP AKH Wien, Experience in different departments in hospitals in Austria and Switzerland, various advanced health trainings

Why StGIS? Good spirit, lovely people, great potential.

Birgit Aspoeck

Senior School Nurse
Nationality: Austrian

DGKP LKH Bad Ischl, Experience as a nurse in Bad Ischl, various advanced health trainings.

Why StGIS? It`s an inspiring and challenging place

Tanja Hofer

School Nurse
Nationality: Austrian

Tourism and Hotel Management

Why StGIS? International environment, beautiful nature and surroundings

Tanja Aichriedler

Medical Assistant
Nationality: German


Beyond a job.
Do you view education and learning as a meaningful way of life and not simply a job? Are you an adventurous person who acts with purpose, integrity and have a good sense of humour? If so, then you are the type of person who will thrive at St. Gilgen International School.

Grow with us.
Our goal of ensuring each child receives a truly outstanding education is in the hands of the exceptional teachers we’ve recruited from around the globe. All staff, in whatever capacity they are employed at the school, are entitled to full support, professional development and personal growth. Our staff are our most valuable assets.

Go all in.
We welcome applications and aim to appoint strong practitioners who are passionate about teaching, student-centred, innovative, full of ideas and who can contribute positively to all aspects of learning in our busy 7-day-a-week boarding school programme. Most importantly, you will be a proactive team player who thrives on collaborating with colleagues.

Apply now.
If you feel that you are ready to join us, then we would welcome your application. The ability to speak German, whilst obviously helpful, is not a requirement. We thank you now for the time and effort you will put into your application; we assure you that it will be given detailed and thorough consideration.

Facility Technician

Datum: Ab sofort
Vertragsart: Vollzeit (40 Stunden pro Woche)
Gehalt: Ab € 32.000 brutto Jahresgehalt

Residential Assistant - Boarding House

Contract type: Full Time
Contract term: August 2023 – June 2024
Salary: 1.836 Euro monthly gross salary
Deadline: June 2023

Teacher of Spanish & German

Dates: From August 2023
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 44,858 to € 64,938
Deadline: Monday 17th April 2023

Maternity Cover: Teacher of German A

Dates: From August 2023
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 44,858 to € 64,938
Deadline: Monday 17th April 2023

Teacher of Music / Performing Arts

Dates: From August 2021
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 40,721 to € 56,796 
Deadline: Monday 22nd February 2021

Head of Arts

Dates: From August 2023
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 41,535 to € 60,125
Deadline: Monday 27th February 2023

Digital Learning Coordinator

Dates: From August 2023 
Contract type: Full Time 
Deadline: Monday 30th  January 2023

Teacher of History / Humanities

Dates: From August 2021
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 40,721 to € 56,796 
Deadline: Monday 15th February 2021

Teacher of Mathematics

Dates: From August 2023
Contract type: Full Time
Salary: € 41,535 to € 60,125
Deadline: Monday 27th February 2023

Please download the full application pack for each open post. Included is a detailed overview of the application process and specific details about each post.

St. Gilgen International School welcomes CVs and letters of application that have clearly been tailored to potential future vacancies at StGIS. We undertake to consider them and to keep them on file for one year and refer to them when we are advertising vacancies.
Please send to info(at)stgis.at.

Please note: We do not advertise our vacancies on ESLemployment.com or globaltesol.com. If you have seen a job advertisement on those websites, they were not placed by St. Gilgen International School.

Our Location

Where the magic happens.
Austria is a safe and beautiful country which provides the ideal environment for education. A unique feature of our school is its idyllic setting in the village of St. Gilgen on Lake Wolfgangsee – it’s simply magical and we’ve been compared to Hogwarts on more than one occasion!

Welcome to paradise.
The natural beauty of our environment allows us to offer exceptional opportunities for outdoor adventure, including mountain biking, rock-climbing and hiking as well as sports such as skiing, sailing and horseback riding. In the winter months students can ski and snowboard to their heart’s content every weekend and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with fresh air away from the pollution of towns and cities.

Culture at your fingertips.
Our close proximity to the cultural hub of Salzburg offers students the opportunity to experience world-class music and theatre. In addition, students can enjoy weekend visits to art galleries and museums in Vienna and Munich.

Find your Platform 9¾.
Transportation links via international airports in Salzburg, Munich and Vienna mean that access is straightforward from global destinations and Salzburg is also connected to the excellent European rail network. A school bus service runs from Salzburg, so no matter which way you prefer to travel in – we’ve got you covered.

Contact Details

St. Gilgen International School
Ischlerstraße 13
5340 St. Gilgen

P +43 6227 202 59
F +43 6227 202 59 10